Day 4: Dongshan Island-Liancheng, the most beautiful island in Fujian, is also comfortable in winter

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People: Father, mother, daughter (8 years old) Itinerary: 5 days Departure: Jiashan, Zhejiang Time: January 24, 2022 —– January 28 Travel Style: Self-driving tour Itinerary: 3000 km Vehicle: Tiguan 1.8T two-drive Main attractions:Pingtan Island → Gulangyu Island → Dongshan Island → Nanjing Tianlukeng Tulou → Liancheng Guanzai Mountain → Wuyi MountainItinerary: Dongshan Island — Nanjing Tianluokeng — Liancheng County, 378 km, 5 hours and 50 minutes.Attractions: Yaya Lovers, Sufeng Mountain Island Road, Nanmen Bay, Double-sided Sea, Fish Bone Sandbank, Ao Jiao Village Dinner: New Spring public fried accommodation: Liancheng Pearl Mercure Hotel, 202 yuan.The third day: Xiamen — Dongshan Island, the most beautiful island in Fujian, and the left ear is taken from yan Ya Love people here invincible seascape Dongshan Island in winter, although not as clear as the blue sea and blue sky in summer, and the wind is strong, but win in the few people, 25℃ body feeling is very suitable for staying here for a few days.Here leisurely stroll the beach, eat seafood, taste snacks, listen to the waves……Winter the south bay beach, the sea is big, very suitable for beach combing although is winter, but it is not cold, the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius to sleep to nature to wake, tidy up, go to the “rock lovers”, that is a small niche sites, small to can only look at pictures of online at almost no people live in the small fishing village to find, if not I have a few local islanders, the in the mind really care have to panic!It’s a very niche attraction, it took a long time to find it and you can see the sea through the abandoned town but it’s a niche attraction that’s worth checking out.The waves dashed against the rocks with great spray.A few rocks lay neatly on the shore, reflecting the fishing boats, the lighthouse and the dim sunlight in the distance.The sea breeze caresses the face, occasionally floats to several layers of waves splash water mist, let a person feel everything is so beautiful, comfortable.But a few rocks by the sea but let us not afraid of heaven, not afraid of everything appeared embarrassed state, from the beginning of the run to the sea, to the hands and feet and climb up the rock, finally trembling, relying on mom and dad to help to move footsteps, a pair of bears.Can come down after mouth but unyielding, also clank a word to say: “I am a child!”Whether to continue to check out Ao Kok Village and fish Bone Sandbank, or to go back to Tongling to eat local food, we finally chose the latter.Because Higashiyama island is on our list of places to clock in next time.Along the sufeng Mountain roundabout road, we returned to the town of Tongling, let our taste buds fully released.Taking advantage of mother to buy food gap, everything and the waves played a game.One moment the waves after the screaming of everything, one moment everything and laughing after the waves, so simple a game, she could play for a long time!Play to the whole body wet, in all urged, only to carry slippers, with feet kicking sand, reluctant to part and the sea goodbye.On the way to tianluokeng Tulou in Nanjing, the navigation tells you to save 21 yuan by taking the provincial road six minutes slower.We followed the directions and got off the highway.Along the winding mountain path, we passed a village that we couldn’t name, which made us feel strange.In the past travel, will carry teacher certificate, but did not enjoy any ticket discount, only in Xinjiang Karamay black oil mountain enjoy 50% discount tickets, so in recent years are not with.On the road to book tianluokeng tulou tickets, found that teachers can enjoy a 50% discount.So, immediately in the mobile phone photo album to look for the electronic version of teaching certificate, fortunately, have reserved before, enjoy the ticket half off.17 years we have taken everything to yongding chengqi Lou, this time by the way to Nanjing to see tian Luokeng four dishes a soup, give her growth point experience.Who knows in an unknown town to buy fireworks, all saw sticky glue, but did not speak out at that time.After driving for a while, he kept muttering about goo goo, and he changed his birthday wish to that.After that, the whole process is not in the state, all the mind has been on the goo goo, tulou to her no interest.It drizzled when we arrived at tianluo Pit, which was more of a folk custom.Tulou used to be the collective dormitory of hakka people, there is nothing to see inside.Tianluokeng tulou is unique, with four round tulou around a square in the middle, commonly known as “four dishes and one soup”.After that, we went to yuchang Building and Taxia Village, which have been around for 700 years. As we were not very interested in the tulou culture, we did not stay too much.At 7:30 PM, we came to Liancheng and got ready for our climb on Guanzai Mountain tomorrow.