166 square meters partial duplex, suitable for three generations of families

2022-04-26 0 By

As the number of cities with purchase restrictions increases, so does the price of housing.The total price of a single house is getting higher and higher, but the aging era is coming in the future, and living with the elderly has become a situation that needs to be considered.If you buy two sets of houses, the first is the total price is high, the second is limited purchase.If you buy a house, no matter how big it is, it is hard to avoid the disturbance of living with an elderly person.The local duplex apartment we see today arises at the historic moment, a building area of 166 square meters, using a local two-story approach.Begin from door door, can space is double key room, fluctuation two, do not interfere with each other, and total price and area are controlled very reasonable, such door model believes should be 3 embryo family or 3 generations family ideal choice.After the entry of the first floor, the north side is a leisure hall, and directly connected to the living balcony, can also be used as a room for other functions.There is a private bedroom on the north side, perfect for a summer afternoon nap.Very pleasant.The dining room and living room on the south side form a large horizontal hall, surrounded by a full-body balcony. There is also a master bedroom on the south side, with its own private open-window toilet.The staircase at the door leads to the second floor, which can be made into a super suite or a 1+1 small suite.The elderly can live on the ground floor.Children can live on the second floor without interfering with each other.Do you think this feeling is ideal?