Accelerate the quasi-first-tier city channel layout LAN Map automobile Wuhan, Nanjing 2 LAN Map space simultaneous opening

2022-04-26 0 By

February 19, LAN Map automobile located in Wuhan world business district, Nanjing Jiangbei New District business district of the two LAN Map space store simultaneous opening, LAN Map direct channel expansion continues to speed up.With the landing of more lantu space, Lantu will accelerate the promotion of channel expansion in the country, continue to improve the channel integrity and service capacity of various regions, to further meet the needs of local consumers.Up to now, Lantu auto has 4 directly operated stores in wuhan, the brand base city, 2 in Nanjing, and 49 directly operated stores in 24 core cities nationwide.Arashi figure car the CBO ray new said: “the wuhan, nanjing and other than the first-tier cities also for purchasing arashi figure car one of the most important market, continue to overweight in the area of sales and service network layout, will promote arashi figure in wuhan, nanjing, and even influence of the core zone of Yangtze river delta, push users word-of-mouth promotion, lay a foundation for the further development of the national market.”In 2022, LAN Tu automobile will build more than 100 LAN Tu space in the country, to achieve more efficient and convenient high-quality service.In addition to offline direct marketing channels, Lantu auto also directly communicates with users through digital platforms such as official shopping malls and mini programs to listen to the voice of consumers and quickly respond to user needs.On the official mall, users can make an appointment for a door-to-door test drive, make personalized purchase, generate an order, pay online, check the nearest store center and other experiences without leaving home.Lantu FREE, the first model of Lantu Auto, is positioned as a “performance level intelligent electric SUV”. Lantu FREE extended range version has 510kW, 1040N·m powerful power, zero hundred acceleration is only 4.5 seconds;The comprehensive endurance of NEDC reaches 860km, yicheng Yfar Distance;At the same time, equipped with air suspension, Dana sound, adjustable panoramic canopy and other millions of luxury and comfortable configurations, it can be called the “king of range extension” and become the value benchmark of 300,000 class SUV.In 2021, Lantu cars have been delivered to users in 263 cities across the country.On February 17, 2022, Lantu auto announced that it will officially enter the European market, landing in Norway for the first time, and will soon become the first overseas brand of the new energy National team.