A disgrace!North America “Chinese test papers” leaked!Chinese students are also confused: what is all this?Don’t

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Chinese students studying in Canada must have experienced the “destruction” of IELTS or TOEFL!Speaking, listening, reading, writing, which makes you feel like a daytime nightmare?Of course, the global language is not only English, but also Japanese, French, Spanish and so on proficiency tests.Which language is harder?Chinese students studying abroad may have a different answer.However, foreign students generally believe that the most difficult language is Chinese.A recent leak of a Chinese-language test paper from an American student proved the difficulty.From the examination paper we can see that the content of the investigation is mostly synonyms, antonyms, sentences, composition and so on “write” the body.This difficulty even makes many Chinese students “slap on the head”!For example, what does “seclusion” mean?Now, don’t turn to the dictionary!Say!We don’t even know how to pronounce it, let alone what it means.As for the following sentence, the difficulty is not low.It is not easy to read and understand the words “sightseeing”, “spectacular” and “straight”.Make a sentence?Excuse me!The last one of the composition, these three topics, xiaobian feel Alexander ah!There is this “sentence” conversion, although now look very funny, but the examinee is not very desperate?Of course, listening can not be less!Although not as popular as the Internet, are Jay’s rap songs, but also fully reflects the Chinese culture “extensive and profound”!Now tell me, how much is tofu a piece?How much is a dollar?Now that you’ve got listening, reading and writing all in one place, what does speaking look like?You can think about it.Do you now feel the sense of accomplishment of “mastering a difficult language”?