No burning, no releasing, Xinyang police in action

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In order to maintain the quality of atmospheric environment, protect the safety and health of the people under the jurisdiction.During the Spring Festival, the city’s public security organs at all levels of the police mobilization, fighting starry night, to carry out fireworks ban, ban work.In the work, the city public Security Bureau sent a supervision group to sink to the city around the supervision of fireworks and firecrackers ban ban work to carry out, the work is not effective, not obvious units of strict responsibility inverted accountability;The city’s public security organs at all levels actively and proactively cooperated with emergency response, marketing, transportation, fire control and other relevant departments to organize and carry out large-scale investigations and inspections for many times to ensure that hidden problems are found and rectified in time.The city’s public security organs in combination with “one village one (1) a p” work, active use of radio, television, electronic media such as screen, WeChat, through in key sections of hanging banners, all-round, three-dimensional conducting banned banned propaganda, let people really realize the illegality of fireworks and social risk, make the fireworks ban burning banned work supported by the masses and embraced.At the same time, the city’s public security organs at all levels took the initiative to stop and investigate a number of illegal fireworks and firecrackers in a timely manner, severely cracked down on all kinds of illegal production, operation, transportation and other illegal and criminal activities, to help continue to improve the city’s environmental air quality, resolutely maintain the city’s overall social stability during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.Case 1: At about 8 o ‘clock on January 31, The Dongjiahe police station of the Public Security sub-bureau of the Shihe River found that a shop owner surnamed Ye illegally sold and stored fireworks and firecrackers. The police confiscated 2 pieces of fireworks and firecrackers on the spot, a total of more than 60 boxes.After the inquiry, Ye mou to its illegal sales, storage of fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior confessed.Ye was carried out administrative detention for five days by police of Shihe city.Case 2 On the morning of February 1, the Five star police station of the Primary Police bureau of the Primary Public Security bureau of the Shihe District received a report from the residents that a stationery shop in Chunhua Road, Shihe District illegally sold fireworks and firecrackers.After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene, in the shop on the spot seized 27 boxes of match guns, guns 250 boxes.Subsequently, the police will be the shopkeeper Zhang summoned to the police station for investigation.After the inquiry, Zhang to its illegal sales, storage of fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior confessed.At present, Zhang has been carried out administrative detention for 5 days by police of Shihe city, and the case is being handled further.Case three recently, Kushi County public Security Bureau Cao Miao set police station found in the inspection area zhou, Jin, Chai store illegal storage of fireworks.After questioning, the three confessed to illegally selling and storing fireworks.At present, gushi police respectively give illegal person Zhou mou, Jin Mou, firewood mou administrative detention 5 days of punishment.Case four recently, Huaibin County public security Bureau public security brigade united Gudui police station in Gudui township to carry out the propaganda of the ban on burning fireworks and firecrackers work, found residents Sun mou store in their own warehouse has a large number of fireworks.After checking, the police seized a total of 68 boxes of fireworks on the spot.At present, huaibin police on the punishment of administrative detention for 15 days.Case 5 On the afternoon of January 31, Xixian County public Security Bureau Zhangtao township police station received a report: area residents pei some tobacco and alcohol store stored in the warehouse fireworks.After the police arrived at the scene, the scene seized firecrackers 28 plates, fireworks 18 boxes.After inquiry, pei mou to illegally store fireworks and firecrackers illegal facts confessed.At present, Pei was punished by the county police administrative detention for 5 days.Case 6 In the morning of February 2, shangcheng County Public Security Bureau Suxianshi police station in the area of fireworks and firecrackers to carry out the ban on the burning ban on the sale of propaganda, in the residents Zeng and Tang home found illegal storage of 27 fireworks, firecrackers 174 hang, there are serious security risks.At present, the mall police on the law of administrative detention for 5 days of punishment, and the relevant items to be confiscated.Do you know the harm of setting off fireworks?Air pollution Setting off fireworks will produce a large number of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases and dust of various metal oxides, among which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are irritant and corrosive acid oxides.When the discharge is carried off in large quantities, if there is no wind or low atmospheric pressure, the harmful gases cannot be dispersed for a while, and they will strongly irritate the respiratory tract, causing coughing and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.Noise Pollution The noise made by setting off firecrackers has a great influence on our physiology and psychology.It can damage not only our hearing, but also our cardiovascular system.The huge noise generated by setting off fireworks makes it difficult for the elderly to sleep, the sick to be terrified, and the students to study and rest.In many cases, pedestrians are startled by the sudden noise of the discharge, which can have very serious consequences for people with heart disease.Cause fire especially in the urban area, the building is getting taller, the population is relatively dense, high altitude fireworks and other discharge is easy to cause fire, directly endanger the people’s life and property safety.Wounding accidents fireworks and firecrackers are easy to cause wounding accidents, although adults are often injured by setting off firecrackers, but the most serious injuries or children.Because the child self-control ability is poor, the danger consciousness has not been established, plus the curiosity is strong, regardless of the danger, what all want to try, so the lower the age of the child is more vulnerable to injury, some children even to remove eyeballs for this, forever lost sight.Waste resources the precious resources of paper (trees), chemical raw materials (including the production of these raw materials caused by pollution) are set off, so that the streets and alleys are littered, put away, make people develop bad habits of no sense of responsibility.At the same time, the huge amount of rubbish produced by setting off fireworks has put a serious burden on sanitation workers to clean up.Ban burning ban is to make our hometown become more beautiful, more blue, more fresh please start from the majority of citizens friends refuse to set off fireworks if found illegal behavior of setting off fireworks please timely dial 110 report source: Xinyang public Security