The media predicted that the lakers could acquire five players in the buyout market, dragic is the first choice

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The lakers didn’t get anything at the trade deadline.So they can only hope to find the right player in the buyout market to strengthen their team, but there are still some good players in the buyout market.In recent days, the American media also reviewed the suitable lakers this team’s five lineups, let us take a look at one.Dragic, 35, is in buyout talks with the Spurs, and that could very well happen.The lakers are likely to sign Dragic next.As an excellent point guard, he can comb the lakers’ rotation offensively.At the same time, he has excellent range and can help the lakers deal with some outside pressure.To this end, he has no shortage of alternatives.So far, the Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Bucks, Bulls and Nets are all interested in signing him.4. Gary Harris Has been plagued by injuries over the past few seasons, hasn’t played as well as he should, and because of that he’s been switching teams frequently, he’s been at the center of trade rumors before the trade deadline.The Magic don’t need Harris on their current team, so he is likely to be bought out.If that’s the case, the lakers could choose to have him because his defense and three-point play can help the team get better.He can be an important piece in the rotation and bring his own role to the team’s success.Giving up Schroder is a regret for the Lakers.78 million is a bit of a joke, but it’s a bit ironic that the Celtics would give up just 5 million.Now the team has hit a disaster.They wanted to sign Schroeder back.If the rockets had reached a buyout agreement with Schroeder, I believe the Lakers would have signed him without hesitation.But it’s a shame that until now the rockets have said that Schroder is an important part of the team.Bebury was just bought out by the Nets, but there’s no doubt he’s a very good role player.He also has a lot of power, but also has a good ability to score.His passionate style of play has also earned him plenty of attention.And you keep in mind that he’s shooting 41 percent from 3-point range this season, so he’ll be an important piece for any team, so the competition the lakers will face if they want to land him is enormous.But I don’t think the lakers will give up the possibility of acquiring him.Oops, I’m not surprised that our eight Kings are on this list.He was, after all, one of James’s knife-wielding guards, and his younger brother is in trouble, too, and James is there to help him out.As a champion from 10-16, he can improve the defensive intensity of the lakers’ starters in terms of rebounding and defense, and he can solve some of the lakers’ dirty work.I believe that by going back to James, TT might find himself again.He is also the most likely player to be acquired by the lakers in the buyout market.So I don’t think the lakers will forget this opportunity.The views expressed above are my own!I am with sa, a non-professional fanatic football fan!