Hyundai motor enters Japan again because Japanese electric cars are not strong?

2022-04-29 0 By

Hyundai Motor is making another foray into the Japanese market.It has been 12 years since Hyundai pulled out of Japan at the end of 2009.Hyundai Motor is known to be operating in the Japanese market only in the bus business.Hyundai Motor held a meeting with Japanese media at mitsui Hall in Otemachi, Tokyo, On February 8 to announce its re-entry into the Japanese passenger car market.Hyundai motor said it has been looking for opportunities to re-enter the Japanese market for 12 years since its launch.The Japanese market is a good place to learn, but also a very challenging place.Hyundai Motor plans to launch eco-friendly cars such as the Nexo and Ioniq 5 in Japan.The Ioniq 5 is priced at 4.79 million yen to 5.89 million yen, while the Nexo is priced at 7.77 million yen.Japan is known as the “grave of imported cars”, with the market share of imported cars staying in the 5% range for the past few years.The share of Japanese brands reached 94.6 percent.Still, Hyundai is knocking on the door in Japan to target the electric car market, where Japanese brands are weak.While the Japanese market is estimated to be about five million vehicles a year, the electric vehicle market is still in its infancy, with Toyota focusing on hybrids.This is where Hyundai will strike.Sales methods are also different. They are not sold through traditional 4S shops, but through websites or mobile apps. The whole process from car selection to payment and delivery is operated as online sales.Starting from the second half of this year, “Modern Customer Experience Centers” will be set up in major regions across the country in a few years to provide offline brand experience, purchase support, maintenance and education.Hyundai Motor has partnered with local car-sharing /P2P company DeNA SOMPO Mobility (Service name Anyca) to provide car-sharing services using Nexo and Ioniq 5.In addition, it will be the first time in Japan and hyundai Motor Company to introduce owners to use Anyca platform (P2P) to introduce car ownership link sales method to users.Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor recently changed the company name of its Japanese subsidiary from Hyundai Motor Japan to Hyundai Mobile Japan.It also reflects Hyundai’s goal to become a “smart mobility solution provider” in Japan, he explained.