Lanzhou Qilihe: Fancy Lantern Festival atmosphere pull full

2022-04-30 0 By

China Gansu network February 15 news (this network reporter Zhang Yufang correspondent Yu Guohong Wang Fufeng) lights reflect ten thousand, reunion at this time.On February 15, qilihe district of Lanzhou city launched the “2022 Our Festival · Yuanxiao” new era civilization practice theme activity, with a variety of elements such as an artistic performance, a riddle, a lantern and a Lantern Festival all-round expression of the chapter of the festival, creating a happy, peaceful and civilized atmosphere of the festival.Activities in the dance “here is an ocean of song and dance”, everybody together, watch the performances, cultural volunteers bring songs and the area youth volunteer soldiers better bring martial arts “the Chinese kung fu”, lets everybody spirits, jurisdiction unit love TuoHu point of the children to bring us the “blessing to be” dancing, and wishing everyone happy reunion,A happy family.After the performance, the volunteers of the New Era Civilization Practice Station vividly and patiently explained the customs of the Lantern Festival to the participants in the form of storytelling.Then, the children can’t wait to open the material prepared lanterns package, with volunteers in accordance with the steps to paste, lacing, andon, carefully, use their own intelligence, soon, one after another beautiful lanterns is ready, the children looked at their own lanterns, the satisfied smile on their faces.During the activity, there was a link of guessing lantern riddles. More than 300 riddles of knowledge and interest prepared by volunteers of the new era civilization practice made everyone stop and think.Residents who had solved the riddle happily came to the gift redemption center, and the scene was very lively.At the end of the activity, the volunteers handed the boiled dumplings to the residents at the activity site, and gave a bowl of dumplings with love and festival greetings to the empty nesters and sanitation workers in the area, wishing everyone everything in the New Year.This themed activity not only created a good festival atmosphere, let the residents feel the cultural power of traditional festivals, highly praised by the residents.At the same time, it has promoted the practice of civilization in the new era and promoted new cultural practices.