Does the Spring Festival have a bad Taste?Here are the answers to the 10 most exciting New Year events of the 1980s and 1990s

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Many people now feel that the Spring Festival is just a long holiday, rather than a New Year’s day.In many people’s memories, in the 1980s and 1990s, the flavor of New Year is the strongest.After combing and comparing the ten things full of Chinese New Year flavor in the 1980s and 1990s, I seem to have found the solution to the current lack of Chinese New Year flavor.1, kill pig, prepare for the Chinese New Year to eat a pig, but also to prepare bacon sausage, salted fish bacon, dumplings, dumplings, buy candy and dried fruit drinks, all delicious, eat eat eat during the Chinese New Year!The key is not to be afraid of getting fat.Now the delicious food is usually eaten, the Chinese New Year did not have a big leap.A big family reunion, bustling eating dinner, watching the wonderful Spring Festival Gala, New Year’s Eve shousui.Now the New Year’s Eve dinner according to eat, but not like before is a big family, the old also not how to keep.Spring Festival gala, but there are too many similar programs, not so wonderful.From the first day of the New Year to the New Year 15, many times the New Year 15 is not finished, every day is friends and relatives visit each other, many are met once or twice a year, chat not over the day, syriza not over the old, long separation of affectionate strength is very strong.Now it is convenient to meet and visit each other, and telephone and video calls are also fast. However, human relations have faded away. Distant relatives and close neighbors rarely visit each other.4, everywhere decorated, fireworks and firecrackers every household cleaning, stick couplets, stick door god, stick the word, hang red lights, hang lights, sticky window, set off all kinds of fireworks artillery, and from New Year’s Eve to Chinese New Year are set off, can be set off everywhere, a school of festival.Now the decorations are still in place, but many places are not allowed to set off fireworks.Abundant Spring Festival activities: temple fair, lantern show, dragon lantern dance, lion dance, Yangko dance, movies, gongs and drums, bustling with people, a variety of beautiful delicious fun eyes.Now many traditional programs are gone, people are not interested in these activities, they would rather use their mobile phones and go out to travel.6, wear new clothes, buy new toys many families are New Year to buy a new clothes, children can buy new toys during the New Year, feel the thick New Year atmosphere.In those days of scarcity, scarcity was more precious.Clothes and toys can be bought at any time, and the house can’t stack.7, give new New Year’s money many families will first change or save the New Year’s money, one yuan, two yuan, five yuan, ten yuan, children have, and most of them are children’s own pocket money, put in the piggy bank.Nowadays, a lot of people think that everyone has children, to give to the trouble, save each other.Or wechat red envelope grab adults, not children and the elderly.A big family to the ancestor’s grave wax burning incense, burning paper money set off firecrackers, weeding add soil repair renovation.Elders take younger generation to temple, Taoist temple, pray for blessings, thick family feelings, relatives taste.Now, many people feel that this is a feudal superstition, think that the dead loved ones in the heart of the line, pray for Buddha is better than pray for yourself.A lot of relatives, get together very lively seven aunts eight aunts, uncles, grandparents, Cousins, relatives a lot, we are about the same level, a bunch of men drinking and smoking, a bunch of women huddle chat, a bunch of children naughty, more people is lively.Now 80, 90 hind mostly only child, the relative is little pitiful, the relative of next generation is less, plus each busy each, mix have difference, get together difficult, get together also play less than one.The Chinese New Year is the real holiday children winter vacation is mostly a winter vacation life homework, a few days to finish, the Chinese New Year can relax to play.Adults have worked hard for a year, but also have no money, happy New Year mentality, is the real relaxation.Now, children winter vacation homework make up a lot of lessons, adults earn money pressure than a holiday thinking about work, holidays thinking about gifts, not only relaxed, too tired to collapse.Because there is a contrast, there is a comparison.Before the 1990s, most people feel that the flavor of the New Year is weak.People born after 2000, who have not experienced it, may think that Chinese New Year is like this.To sum up, there are fewer traditions, fewer ceremonies, fewer feelings and fewer relatives. At the same time, life has improved, culture has enriched, communication has become more convenient and pressure has increased, so the flavor of the New Year has become less strong.How to solve it?One move!Enhance the sense of ritual!Life needs a sense of ceremony, the festival also needs a sense of ceremony, the New Year needs a sense of ceremony.What sense of ritual?Is to carry forward the good tradition!