What about overnight meals?The doctor is here to help

2022-05-03 0 By

The Chinese New Year has just passed. Whether dining out or getting together at home, people like to do more and do more, symbolizing the abundance of the New Year.But what to do with all those uneaten leftovers?Let’s hear what the doctor has to say.One of the most frequently heard rumors about the dangers of overnight meals is that they are carcinogenic.Because after overnight storage, nitrite levels in food will increase.After excessive nitrite is absorbed by human body, below the action of gastric acid, can be combined with the biological amine inside the stomach, form the substance that determines carcinogenicity — “subnitrosamine”.But the citizen friend need not worry excessively, put aside dosage to talk about toxicity is not rigorous.City maternal and child health care hospital prenatal clinic director nurse Pan Biheng: leftovers put in the refrigerator 24 hours nitrite only 7 to 8 mg per kilogram, from a one-time consumption of 200 mg nitrite may appear poisoning phenomenon is far away.Eating leftovers for a long time can easily cause malnutrition.After 5-6 hours, the leftovers are full of all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms. Some foods are easy to turn sour and go bad. If not handled properly, foodborne food poisoning is easy to occur.The most ideal situation is, of course, not leftovers, but life is not a computer, not all is accurate “calculation”, want to eat all CD, difficulty is not small.The doctor told reporters that the treatment of overnight meals can follow the following principles.Better leave meat dishes than vegetables.The vitamin loss of leafy vegetables is serious after repeated heating, and nitrite is more easily generated overnight.Try not to leave vegetables in a meal.2. Refrigerate in time.In daily life, many people are used to thoroughly cool the food before putting it in the refrigerator. In fact, food is more likely to breed bacteria at room temperature. It should be stored in the refrigerator while it is hot or when the food is cooled to 60 degrees Celsius.3. Learn how to divide.Found cooked dishes, as far as possible not to turn, while hot with a good container sealed into the refrigerator.4. Heat thoroughly before serving.While the cooler temperatures slow down the growth of most bacteria, some bacteria are naturally immune to the cold and can thrive in refrigerators.Therefore, even if food is taken out of the refrigerator, it must be heated to 100 degrees Celsius and kept for 3 minutes before eating, and try to eat it all at once to avoid repeated reheating.City maternal and child health care hospital prenatal clinic in charge of nursing division Pan Biheng: we no matter family dinner or outside the best set up the concept of green disc!Serve meals as needed, don’t waste, cook and eat as needed!Make food healthier and more nutritious.Text: Feng Qiuying Camera: MAO Xu Correspondent: Ruan Xiaochang