Xincheng Branch carried out anti-fraud propaganda activities

2022-05-09 0 By

03 b9fa907c0267076de563ca88bb084 telecom in order to further strengthen the fight against fraud, to safeguard people’s property security, recently, the new city branch of the thorough jurisdiction, vigorously carry out the national center for anti cheat APP promotion.Police went deep into the streets, enterprises and other units to explain the role of APP for the masses and enterprise employees.At the same time, combined with typical cases of telecom fraud, vivid language, image analysis of lawbreakers cheating means and bring great harm to the victim, detailed introduction of the importance of the installation of the “National anti-fraud center” APP.Through the series of promotion, to create a strong atmosphere of everyone anti-fraud, everyone participation, everyone publicity, effectively enhance the people’s awareness of fraud, fraud prevention ability, to build a new pattern of anti-fraud, blocking the occurrence of telecom fraud cases from the source.