The first day to eat “yuan Bao”, the second day to eat “dao Shun”, share 6 practices, meaning 66 shun

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Tomorrow is the second day of the first lunar month. There is a folk saying “Dumpling on the first day, dumpling on the second day, dumpling on the third day”. What does this sentence mean?As we all know, people in the north will eat dumplings during the Spring Festival. They will eat dumplings on the New Year’s Day and the first day of the first lunar month. The shape of dumplings is like “ingot”.After eating dumplings on the first day of the New Year, people usually roll noodles with the leftover dumpling skins on the second day of the New Year. Noodles are also called “dao Dao Shun”. After eating “Dao Shun”, “all roads go smoothly” in the year.Noodles are the essential staple food of northerners. They nourish the stomach and are easy to digest. They are delicious and easy to make.There are many ways to make noodles, such as soup noodles, mixed noodles, fried noodles and so on, and the taste is relatively rich.On The New Year’s Eve and the First day of the New Year, people tend to eat greasy meals, which are difficult to digest or have a bad appetite on the second day of the New Year. Noodles are easy to digest and can nourish the stomach.Noodles are thin and long. They are eaten on the second day of the lunar New Year, which symbolizes a smooth and long year.Here are 6 ways to make noodles, including noodles in soup, fried noodles and mixed noodles, each of which is delicious and can be cooked for your family on the second day of the Lunar New Year. I hope the whole family will enjoy a smooth and prosperous year.1, prepare a piece of beef, put in clean water to soak the bleeding water, and then wash clean cut into small pieces.2. Pour water into the pot, add the beef pieces, bring to a boil with high fire, then turn to low heat and blanch for 3 minutes, remove and reserve.3. Cut some shallots and ginger slices, pour water into the pot, put the beef slices, add shallots and ginger slices, pour in 2 tablespoons light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon soybean sauce, 1 tablespoon rock sugar, 1 tablespoon five-spice powder, transfer into the pressure cooker, press the stew button to stew for about 40 minutes.4, pour water into the pot to boil, add noodles to cook soft, remove the noodles into the bowl, put the cooked beef on top, drizzle the soup, sprinkle coriander on top, it is good.2. Tomato and egg noodles: 1. Wash and peel the tomatoes, cut them into small pieces, and then cut some scallions and coriander.2. Heat the wok with oil and fry 2 eggs into poached eggs.Remove and set aside.3, then add a little oil in the pot, put chopped green onion and diced tomatoes into the oil and fry, fry into tomato sauce.4. After the tomato sauce is fried, add the soup and bring the tomato to a boil. Then add 2 spoonfuls of light soy sauce, salt and sugar to the soup and bring the soup to a boil.5. After the soup comes to a boil, add the fried egg and put in the noodles until the noodles are soft. When the noodles are cooked, turn off the heat and sprinkle with pepper and coriander.3, fresh shrimp ham noodles: 1, fresh shrimp clean, pick out the shrimp line, cut off the shrimp spines and whiskers.Slice ham, onion and garlic, wash vegetables and cut into pieces.2. Pour oil into a wok, add onion and garlic until fragrant, then add prawns and stir-fry until red, then add ham slices and stir-fry, add water and bring to boil.3. Add noodles and vegetables and cook until soft. Add salt, chicken essence and pepper and serve.Four, chicken noodles: 1, pour water into the pot, put some green onion and ginger slices, then put some bay leaf and star anise seasoning, pour 1 spoon of cooking wine, add 1 spoon of salt, after the water comes to a boil, put the chicken breast into the pot, cook for about 10 minutes.2. Shred carrots and cucumbers, finely chop coriander and garlic and set aside.3. Remove the chicken breast from the drain and cool it, tear it into thin threads along the grain of the meat, and put it in a bowl.4. Pour water into the pot and bring to a boil. Cook the noodles until there is no hard core.5. Put the dried noodles on a plate, put some shredded cucumber and carrot on top, and arrange the shredded chicken on top.6, put some garlic in the bowl, add 1 tablespoon of fine pepper powder and 2 tablespoons of coarse pepper powder, add some pepper powder and five-spice powder, and finally put some sesame seeds, and then heat some hot oil twice over the top, so that the flavor of the pepper will all fry out.7, after the chili oil is done, add 2 spoons of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 2 spoons of vinegar, 1 spoon of white sugar, and finally add less salt, stir well with a spoon, the sauce of the noodles is adjusted.8. Pour the sauce over the shredded chicken and mix well when eating.Cold noodles with shredded chicken.5. Fried noodles with eggs and ham: 1. Boil the noodles in boiling water until medium cooked, do not cook until completely soft, or the noodles will become soft and crumbly.2. Remove the cold water after the noodles are cooked, then drain the water with a sieve and put it into a large bowl.3. Cut carrots, bell peppers, red peppers, sausages and scallions into plates.4. Beat the eggs, heat the oil in the wok, and fry the eggs in the wok until done.5. Add the chopped garnish to the wok and saute until softened.6. Pour the cooked noodles into the pot and stir them well with chopsticks so that the side dishes and noodles are evenly mixed.7, pour 2 spoons of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of sugar, black pepper, stir well with chopsticks, and then turn off the fire can be out of the pot.Six, haibai vegetable soup noodles: 1, the market to buy back the haibai, clean with a small brush, and soak in water.2, wash the cabbage and chop, and then cut some green onion.3, add water to the pot, add washed haibai, cold water into the pot, slowly boil the fire until all haibai open, this time the umami inside the haibai meat will be slowly boiled out.4. Add the chopped bok choy and cook until the bok choy is tender but not dark, then turn off the heat.5, put a small amount of salt, because the sea white itself will have a slight salty taste, so do not put too much salt, and then sprinkle with pepper and scallion.6, another pot of water to bring to a boil, add noodles until soft, and then into the bowl, pour into the cooked habai soup, a bowl of delicious habai vegetable soup noodles is ready.