AG super game will target the final four, is it high or low?We’ll talk about it in S group first!

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In the 2022 KPL spring tournament, AG Super Games set itself the goal of the final four, is this a high target for AG Super games, or is it a low target?We can’t know for the time being, it’s mainly about the performance of AG super game in the first round, so as to give a judgment.So for THE AG super game club, the goal they set for themselves, is a spur, or a guarantee?In fact, we all know that THE AG super game is now in turmoil, full of variables, but also full of possibilities, but at present their top priority, or into the S group, is the most critical!AG super game will be 18 teams set goals, AG super game will rush to the final four!Before the spring tournament, 18 teams set their goals, including those heading for the Silver Dragon Cup, those hoping to make the playoffs, and those hoping to reach the S group.AG super game club side, after thinking, set their own goal in the final four, together with MTG, become the only two target teams in the final four.This goal is also appropriate for AG super games.After all, last season, their condition is very bad, this season can reach the final four, is also a very big breakthrough!Is it high or low?Actually this goal is more appropriate!AG Super game for the AG super game will be the goal of the final four, we have been discussing, in the end is high or low?In fact, according to the dominant state before AG super game, the final four is a little low, because they are in the first tier, is to fight for the championship.And according to the results of the last season, the AG super game will want to reach the final four, it is not so easy.As far as AG super game club is concerned in group A, the final four is actually A more appropriate goal. Therefore, in general, AG Super game will set the goal in the final four, which is possible to complete, and needs to work hard, but also can always encourage themselves!Status is key, when will the tuning of AG Super game end?AG Super games AG Super games want to go to the final four, is that possible?Probably.Is it a good chance?The opportunity is not small.But all this, all want to see AG super play will be a state.This season, the AG supergame roster has changed considerably, with two players for each position, meaning that there are two players competing for positions regardless of position.AG super games will be a more eating state of the team, so their adjustment in the new season?Also an unknown quantity!Remember not to overreach, advanced S group is the key!KPL group came to a new season, AG super play will also usher in a new opportunity.They will change a lot and have a good chance to break through.However, they must face up to their own state, remember not to overreach, but to step by step, down-to-earth to do their best, so as to truly return to the strong.At this stage, the first step for AG super games is to find their own strong team and confirm their starting position, and the second step is the most crucial, that is to enter the S group.That’s why it’s important that AG gets into S first.Only enter S group, can improve their opponent’s level, can really improve their own strength.A chance to get into the winner’s bracket of the playoffs and into the final four!The AG used to be the strong, the champions, the regular-season juggler, but last season, the AG dropped to the level of Group A and was in danger of dropping into Group B.Coming to the new season, AG super game will start from Group A, the whole team is also full of opportunities, the first round directly promoted to the group, the second round of card competition, for AG super game, want to become stronger in the first round to enter group S, and want to enter the playoffs, then the second round of card competition more certain.But anyway, AG super play will want to enter the four, must rely on their own strength, after all, if they can not become stronger, is unable to go to the end!