Exclusive you “Yunnan beauty” rong media series column “good morning Yunnan” on February 1

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Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain reporter Yang Zheng photo “the sky is beautiful in Yunnan, the ground is beautiful in Yunnan, glaciers with hot sea, blue sky chasing colorful clouds, mountains are beautiful in Yunnan, water is beautiful in Yunnan, rivers drip jasper, mountains compete emerald……”The beauty of Yunnan is not enough to see the beauty, the beauty of Yunnan is endless beauty, the beauty of Yunnan is magical beauty.Big beautiful scenery in yunnan is infinite Baoshan municipal party committee propaganda department For the graph is to protect the yunnan tourism the gold-lettered signboard, show the beauty of the yunnan ecological, environmental beauty, the beauty of the countryside, the beauty of the beauty of the landscape and the humanities, net letter by yunnan provincial party committee guidance, culture and tourism in yunnan province, yunnan daily newspaper group, 16 in collaboration with the bureau of propaganda department, city tour,Yunnan.com plans to produce a series of media column “Good Morning Yunnan”, the same weibo topic # Good Morning yunnan #, Douyin topic # Good Morning Yunnan # simultaneous launch.In addition, “Good Morning Yunnan” will also be presented in yunnan learning platform, Yunnan release, yunnan provincial people’s government website integration.Big beautiful scenery in yunnan is infinite Baoshan municipal party committee propaganda department for figure Dali NaJian threatened cherry blossom valley The reporter Vanessa was taken in yunnan “good morning” to promote the brigade fusion as own duty, comb system of yunnan tour resources, through a lot of beautiful figure depending on the material, with concise and vivid words, in prose, documentary, affective and popularization of the “poster + trill + video” media products,The multi-platform presentation presents the rich natural scenery, ethnic culture and unique culture of 129 counties in 16 cities and cities of Yunnan.Here, you can see fireworks, homesickness, delicious rural food, beautiful life with green mountains and clear waters and intangible cultural heritage.Every day gently a greeting, to bring you different exclusive “Yunnan beauty”!”Good Morning Yunnan” also invites works from media at all levels, cultural and tourism bureaus of cities, counties and counties, media centers, universities, big V bloggers and the public.Works can be created according to the unique cultural landform, tourism resources, rural revitalization achievements, fully display the colorful four seasons, local customs, customs, cultural customs and other beauty of Yunnan, different scenery.Once employed, the remuneration will be favorable (submission email: ynwdfzx@qq.com).Zhaotong Dashanbao black-necked crane zhaotong Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department photo: Sun Xiaoyun