(original, novella serialized) a hundred years to cultivate people

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Before the honeymoon, Jia Yin received a notice from the school.”Report to the principal’s office at eight o ‘clock tomorrow morning.”Gu Yin said.”Good, I’m Mrs. Teacher, too.”Zheng Feng excitedly on her husband’s face.Kissing on the cheek.Jia Yin let the chicken small voice, lest next door’s in-laws hear, said young people’s behavior wild.Zheng Feng du mouth: “afraid of what?I’ll do you good to-night.”Then he put out the lamp and got on Jia Yin’s body.Mrs. Zheng coughed from next door.Jia Yin shot warning, crazy Zheng Fengcai reluctantly convergence.This night, little two mouth sleep not dependable.The moon outside the window, just out to put a spectrum will be cloud hook, leaving a curtain of sparse stars, lonely to blink dim light eyes.This makes two people recall the youth of primary school age – at that time hou’s primary school, set in the village of god temple.Temple mud like I do not know what time ‘angry to leave’ only a pile of broken bricks rotten, became a primary school students in class, homework, play place after class.Later, the village went out to remove the rubbish completely, and the main hall was vacated to be used as teachers’ offices, and the east and west wing was converted into classrooms for grades one to five.Jia Yin and Feng stayed here for five years.Jia Yin remembered that the principal’s office was the storage room on the right hand side of the hall where the sacred objects were stored.The office door was open, but the man wasn’t there.The coal stove was in full bloom, and the gangue gave out a piercing blast, stirring the boiling water in the teapot and forming masses of white mist.One of the students on duty said that the headmaster had gone to the village for breakfast, but he did not know where.Jia Yin looked down at his watch. It was only about seven o ‘clock. He knew he had come early because he was impatient.He withdrew his eyes and began to look around the century-old but riddled principal’s office.More of an office than a utility room.In the damp and moldy space, there was a pile of school groceries and unhanded homework books.In the dark corner, a few ghosts peeped in, giving out angry growls and warnings of ‘squeaks’ from time to time.Leaning against the wall was a wooden bed propped up with bricks at one end and stools on the other.A section of the bench, wider than the bed, contained a worker, farmer and soldier teajar and a few cigarette butts left over from smoking.Near the head of the bed, near the door, stood an old table and a back chair, like the remains of the landlord’s house during the land reform. The top of the table was bronzed and ringed with flowers.The desks and chairs cover an area of less than two square meters. Strictly speaking, these two square meters are the real office of the principal.On the wall behind the table, pasted the old newspaper of different time full, connect with the wallpaper all round rise, formed the ‘mural’ of a strange state.When the wind blows, the wallpaper of these white yellow gray will peel the wall, together with the floating soil falling from the rafters, issuing the sound of ‘rustling’, which makes people produce a kind of indescribable fear.”Sorry to keep you waiting.”As soon as the headmaster entered the room, he was busy making tea and water for Jia Yin.This made the former student shudder and squirm.Until the principal sat down, Jia Yin came to his senses and asked with trepidation, “Which class is the teacher going to ask the students to lead?”The principal said: “not busy, first take you to be familiar with the environment.”Then he led Jia Yin to the teaching area.This is three rows of six newly built classrooms.Water red tile, glass window.The earthen walls of the brick tables around them were covered with thick white plaster, shining like those of the town’s high school.”There’s plenty of air and light.”The principal said, “The new classroom was built by the eight production teams of the village and the people who went out to work for free.Every tile, every rafter and every adobe above is filled with the painstaking efforts of the commune members.””It’s hard to imagine how much difference can be made in two or three years.”Jia Yin sincerely admires these people who contribute selflessly to rural education.I am a ray of sunshine. It passes through crystal’s armor. It raises a handful of dust, throws it into the air, and it’s as calm as water.He doesn’t know if it’s poetry?Maybe it’s just a grief, an expression.”This is the first grade classroom.”The principal pointed to a front row east house: “because there is no teacher in charge, temporarily by me.”They opened the door and entered the classroom, which was empty.The headmaster said, “It’s not time for class yet.”Jia Yin did not answer, because he was completely shocked by what he saw.Three feet platform, should be made of wood, but now it is black brick wrapped edge, filled with loess, the standard of a platform.On both sides of the platform are channels one meter wide, connecting the front and the back.In the middle of the adobe built in turn eight lines of 70 cm high earth platform, under the platform there are long pole load, adobe built, stone roof, roughly the same height of the stool, a bit like the outdoor theater villagers seize temporary seats.In the last row was a log cut from the roof with its rotten interior, its thick end buried in the ground, in order to keep level?Or to prevent rolling accidents?I don’t know.In a word, the clay table, the clay stool, the clay platform, which makes Jia Yin have too much do not understand: “why not other classes?”The principal said with a solemn expression, “The village, the team and the commune members paid their blood to build these houses.At first, I exchanged money, grain and goods, but then I ran out of firewood and had no choice but to use these methods.After all, the countryside is poor…Who would subject their children to this foreign crime if they could help it?”Jia Yin was the principal said two eyes sour, heart pain, he turned to the principal request: “give the first grade to me!”Dangdang when…The bell is ringing for class.The headmaster excitedly waved his right arm, with an iron bar to vigorously hit the piece of shrapnel left by the Japanese invaders (it is said to be the wheel of a gun car).Shrapnel in the continuous hit, issued a dull hoarse call to wake up the stupid, drive ignorance, so that the streets, the edge of the ground, stray children out of school, back to the classroom.With the monitor big Bear Shouting “Stand up!Jia Yin solemnly mounted the three-foot platform.He knew that from now on, he would bid farewell to the status of ordinary people and become a people’s teacher.It was his long-cherished wish.This day, let him wait too bitter, even sacrifice self-esteem, take marriage for exchange.This is a man’s pain.A pain that no one wants to talk about.”Good teacher!The students asked in unison, interrupting Jia Yin’s thoughts.He hurriedly return a bow way: “hello schoolmates!”After the monitor had shouted “Sit down!”He began to introduce himself and turned to write ‘Jia Yin’ on the blackboard.The blackboard was too slippery, and the words missing arms and legs caused laughter. He was annoyed. “What’s going on?”I raised my hand and stood up and said, “Teacher, you dip the chalk into the bucket and then write, it will not slip.””Why?””This blackboard is made by my father, which has base ash and lacquer on it, so it slips.””Why not use blackboard paint?””My dad says save money!”I said.”What’s your name?Who’s your father?”Jia Yin asked me.Big Bear said: “His name is Zhu wan, his father is a mason, called Master Zhu.His father made all the blackboards, tables and stools in the school.””Great!Jia Yin praises.”What do you mean great?” asked the big bear.Jia Yin said, “In the face of a severe shortage of financial and material resources, the people have solved the problem of having no desks and stools to sit in class by relying on their own hands and all their efforts. This is really something!”He asked the students to open their textbooks and write the first lesson on the blackboard — I love the motherland!I love Beijing Tian ‘anmen!It has been more than a month since classes began, and the class is still entering freshmen.Jia Yin asked the principal, “Isn’t it right? The first grade should receive children aged seven or eight, so why arrange the children aged ten in our class?””Well,” said the principal, “these boys would be in the second and third grades if so judged. The problem is that they haven’t been to school a day, and they can’t read or count. They have to start from scratch.”There are new students enrolled again.It was a family of two brothers, the older one was seven clumsy eleven, and the younger one was eight clumsy ten.According to Seven Stupid, his top six brothers are also called stupid.The reason is that daddy and mother want a small cotton-padded jacket (daughter) after one hundred years someone hangs yellow paper on the grave, did not expect to give birth to eight money-losing goods.Father scold niang ‘really stupid his mother stupid home’ so in turn named stupid.Strange to say, at that time, there was little food and clothing, little oil and water and nutrition, but women pregnant with a child to conceive a accurate, life a lot of, rarely empty belly.Having more children is not always a good thing. In addition to having more people to work with, food and clothing are the problem.Therefore, illiteracy, can not afford to pay tuition, school late people are not in the minority, seven stupid belong to the latter.Chapter VII Stupid is old and big.Jia Yin let him sit in the last row to manage the big students, in fact, a small group leader.Eight stupid do not love to learn, but rely on the power of his brother, in the class king, bully the small students.Either rob people to eat, or let them lie on the ground as a horse, barking like a dog.There are parents in the “day” he eight stupid (generation), stood to scold his ancestors.Many people complain, Jia Yin put eight stupid from the middle position up to the last row, let seven stupid to control eight stupid.There were new students, two Sisters named Sun.The big one is dani nine years old and the little one is Erni eight years old.Don’t look down upon this young lady two, natural nature is savage, aggressive fight malicious, love cry love make and hold together, who angered her with who die to crack in the end, not relenting, be called ‘water mooring Liangshan hag sun Erniang’, therefore, soon also become the overlord in the class girl.However, Dani brain spirit, good learning, by Jia Yin.At this time the number of class has reached 70 people, belong to the state of serious overstaffing.Class can not sit, everyone crowded, really crowded, lying on the earth table two hanging oil bottles.For a long time, some parents raised objections, that hanging oil bottles is not as decent as getting awards, always can not always that a few people?You have to take turns.How to round?Let the brawlers go first?Or let the class late, early leave, do not love to study, love to do small action students first?Jia Yin was puzzled.Students compete every day for seats.See who gets in early, who has more strength.You squeeze me carry, until the big bully small, boys bully girls, girls bully girls things happen repeatedly.In order to stabilize the class, Jia Yin made adjustment to the class cadres, let seven stupid as health discipline monitor, big ni as learning monitor, disorderly elephant was contained.But then the reverse happened.Those who hang oil bottles, stand, lie for a long time, say that hands and feet numb, began to create some trouble to disrupt the class order.Boys in eight stupid, girls in two Ni, take the lead in heckling, take the lead in trouble.This time the target is the homeroom teacher Jia Yin.When he opened the classroom door with his textbook and chalk box in his hand, a basin of cold water rushed down his head.”Who did it?Step up!”No one under the stage to speak, no one to stand out, the classroom dead general silence, only Sun Dani secretly looked at seven stupid.Jia Yin found the principal: “I don’t take the first grade, give me a change of class!””Why?””Many people, big class, age, IQ, uneven…”He said, for example, Sun Dani can count from one to five hundred, in three days package teaching package, less than ten days can be used freely.I don’t know how many fifty and fifteen are yet.It’s Erni who annoys me. Up to now, she can’t add and subtract within ten.You hold out a hand for her to count, and she says one.Holding out two hands, she said a handful.”How can I teach such a student?How to bring such a class?”Jia Yin was a little agitated.The principal said: “Two ni and eight stupid, just an example, is the result of late IQ development, you have to have confidence and patience to teach him (her), to solve puzzles, let them gradually become smarter.””I have no experience in this field, and I can’t teach such students well,” Jia said. “I’d better get an experienced and capable teacher.”The principal said angrily, “If they are not well taught, they must be taught. We can’t let them continue to wander in the streets of the fields and become new-born MOBS.Besides, what’s the task of first grade?Is the enlightenment, is the transition, is the precipitation, what will be, but we these teachers do?It is our duty as teachers to be able to distinguish characters from characters and to impart knowledge to solve puzzles, which is also a political task assigned to schools by the higher government.Nowadays, the whole society is trying to eliminate illiteracy and put an end to out-of-school children.So not only do all children go to school, they go to school.We will also run night schools and literacy classes so that more adults can read and read to enrich themselves.”Jia Yin was the headmaster of a meal, the heart is not the taste, the original kind of infinite reverence and enthusiasm for the teaching industry has disappeared.Back home, supper did not eat then head into bed.Zheng Feng reached out and touched his forehead: “Sick?””No.””Who bullied you?””Think of it that way. Who would bully me?”Then get up and have dinner. I’ll have something to say to you after dinner.”He lifted Jia Yin’s head and kissed his forehead and hair.25W bulb, in the red paper set off a romantic beauty, a little like Zheng Feng’s face, eyelid full of strong original desire.Jia Yin knows what Zheng Feng wants, but at this moment he has no interest and passion.He said to Zheng Feng, “I’m not in the mood today.””What the hell happened?”Zheng Feng asked urgently.Jia Yin has no choice but to tell Zheng Feng what happened during the day, and told her own ideas and feelings.”I can’t take care of a class of more than 70 students even with three heads and six arms, let alone teach them knowledge and the truth of being a good person.”Zheng feng said, “If you can’t teach well, teach slowly.One bite won’t make a man fat.”Zheng feng said, this is a lack of knowledge, people’s mind bath era.Everyone was worried about food and drink.Especially in rural areas, education only stays in the oral stage of enlightenment.For the vast number of farmers, knowledge can not work points, can not be grain, can not eat.Adults on a literacy class, understanding men and women two words, not into the wrong toilet, not as a rascal caught on the line.Small hair children, γ first film, 12 years of primary school, know cloth card, food stamps, renminbi, not by the production team accounting, clerks cheated the pit on the line.What’s the use of more knowledge?The same farm, the same wives and children…”So, no one cares what they learn in class, how much they learn.Why did you have to walk all the way to the dark and confess your death?””I accept this dead principle!”Jia Yin finally made up his mind after a fierce ideological struggle.The next day, Jia Yin came to the principal’s office to assure the principal: “I still take the first grade, do not make achievements, do not make a name for myself, never give up!”The principal patted Jia Yin on the shoulder and said, “That’s right.What’s wrong?Mistakes become motivation and you will move forward.”At this time, monitor Big bear came to Jia Yin report “splash water trouble people found.Waiting in the teacher’s office.”Jia Yin said: “I know, I will be there soon!”