Adhering to high quality SAIC Volkswagen brings a warm current to the winter of 2021

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With the technological and intelligent industrial upgrading, new energy vehicles have become the mainstream products in China’s auto market.In 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles in China ushered in a blowout growth, reaching 3.4 million units.Under such a background, SAIC Volkswagen, as the joint venture brand with the longest history in China’s automobile market, not only seized the opportunity of industry reform, but also adjusted the strategic layout of products.This briefly made SAIC Volkswagen the “busiest” car company in 2021.ID family first appearance, sales reputation double harvest last year, Shanghai Volkswagen in just a few months to launch three new ID series models are continuous, from low to high respectively the three car covers levels compact car, compact suvs, large suvs, the three most important car market compared to building cars the rhythm of the New Year to introduce a new type of car moves faster obviously.This is the advantage brought by SAIC Volkswagen’s technological accumulation, and also an important reason for investing 17 billion yuan to build the MEB plant.After the launch of the three ID series models, the monthly sales continued to climb at a speed of 7,000 +, the sales in December exceeded 8,000, and the annual cumulative sales reached 38,000.Consumers have rewarded the excellent products brought by SAIC Volkswagen with real money orders.In terms of quality, SAIC Volkswagen has continued its excellent manufacturing process in the era of fuel cars.Id.4x not only got the highest score of C-IASI, but also won TUV Nandzhisheng Honor Star and Environmental Car of the Year.With its excellent safety quality, SAIC Volkswagen has made the ID series a safe choice among pure electric vehicles.● Improve user experience, create a new era of marketing After the ID series opened the market, followed by a new retail model.The new model is more in line with the shopping habits of modern consumers and brings better service experience to users.Consumers can now order a new car online and pick it up at a dealership, simplifying the process and eliminating the hassle of having to pay more than three different prices.In order to cater to the preferences of young consumers, SAIC Volkswagen also combined THE ID series with many popular elements, such as Pokemon Pikachu, the joint name Qi Tian Da Sheng, and the invitation of “fairy sister” Liu Yifei as the spokesperson of ID.4X, etc.With the support of popular elements, SAIC Volkswagen once became the most fashionable and user-friendly automobile brand in the eyes of young people.In addition, SAIC Volkswagen has narrowed the distance with consumers by building more social platforms to play with users and listen to more users, so as to optimize the service experience.● Family products rejuvenate, young personality has the connotation of youth, is accompanied by electrification of another key word.After the layout of the electrified product family, SAIC Volkswagen also integrated the younger into the product sequence of fuel vehicles.In 2021, SAIC Volkswagen will bring 14 new models, including the new Passat family, the new Tiguan family, the new Tuan family and so on.In the design of new cars, SAIC Volkswagen pays more attention to the application of young people. For example, passat, as an executive class sedan, has also launched the version of “double front faces”, which is more in line with the aesthetic taste of young people.In the new Tiguan models, SAIC Volkswagen also improved the proportion of scientific and intelligent configuration and added the design elements of ID series models, making Tiguan more fresh and further confirming its title as a benchmark of medium-sized SUV.In a series of actions this year, SAIC Volkswagen can be said to be a harvest.In addition to more abundant layout of new cars, SAIC Volkswagen is also constantly releasing potential in high-end, younger, high-quality and other aspects.In the future, SAIC Volkswagen will continue to improve the service experience of every consumer with a more sincere attitude.● High quality is saic Volkswagen’s unswervingly determination. Saic Volkswagen’s electrification layout is not achieved overnight. With the TECHNICAL support of MEB factory, the new products of ID family still maintain high quality.In terms of the three-power system,ID family is committed to creating the quality benchmark of battery safety.338 brand standard battery safety tests far exceed the NATIONAL standard, covering K13 temperature shock, chemical corrosion, extreme collision, etc., to ensure battery safety and vehicle durability from the point of development.After 37 years of development, SAIC Volkswagen has fully understood the car habits of Chinese consumers.Therefore, in terms of quality, SAIC Volkswagen not only adheres to the German quality, but also makes corresponding adjustments for the needs of Chinese consumers in details.In the ID family product line, every car goes through rigorous process testing before leaving the factory, which is an important reason why ID.4X has achieved so much.In 2021, SAIC Volkswagen let users see a young, fashionable, understand users, but adhere to the original vision of the car company.With these qualities as the foundation, we are very optimistic about the future development of SAIC Volkswagen.