During the Spring Festival, you can call this number if you have electricity problems

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On the afternoon of January 25, the Information Office of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government held a press conference on power supply guarantee for the 2022 Spring Festival in Wuhan.Li Xiguo, general manager of State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company, said that State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company attaches great importance to the Spring Festival power supply security work, has been advanced planning, careful organization, multiple measures, to do a good job during the Spring Festival power grid security and stable operation and high quality and reliable supply.Forecast the overall electricity situation during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival (January 31 to February 6), the maximum load of Wuhan power grid is expected to be 8.82 million kilowatts on New Year’s Eve. During the Spring Festival, the maximum load of Wuhan power grid is expected to reach 9.27 million kilowatts on the sixth and seventh days of the lunar New Year, which is 57.9% higher than the maximum load of 5.87 million kilowatts in the same period last year.From the point of view of load level, the overall operation of Wuhan power grid is stable and orderly, and the power supply capacity meets the electricity demand of Wuhan.To ensure the reliable supply of electricity during the Spring Festival.In order to minimize the risk of power grid during the Spring Festival and ensure reliable power consumption of residents, Wuhan power grid will adopt the operation mode of full wiring and full protection.During the Spring Festival (January 31 to February 6), Wuhan Power Grid does not arrange equipment maintenance. Instead, it has carefully formulated countermeasures and guarantee schemes, and carried out multiple rounds of equipment hidden danger investigation. By strengthening equipment operation and maintenance management, it has reduced the impact of equipment failure on power supply of power grid.Since last year, state Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company has built, modified (expanded) 10 substations of 110 kv or above, added 1.082 million kVA of main transformer capacity and 92.33 kilometers of transmission lines in order to cope with the peak power consumption this winter and ensure the Spring Festival power supply.During the year, 1,544 kilometers of medium-voltage lines and 1,850 kilometers of low-voltage lines were built or upgraded, and 1,171 distribution transformers were installed with a capacity of 292,600 kVA, vigorously accelerating the realization of the grand blueprint for world-class urban power grids.To ensure the Spring Festival power supply quality service.State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company pays great attention to the implementation of power supply service commitment, timely deal with customers’ problems and solve customers’ electricity demand.Relying on the power supply grid service, power supply emergency repair personnel can quickly arrive at the scene of emergency repair, shorten the emergency repair time, improve the quality of emergency repair, and restore power supply at the fastest speed.During the Spring Festival, the arrangement of adequate power supply grab warranty personnel, ready to call.Live work emergency repair personnel to keep 24 hours on standby, give full play to the advantages of live work, promote the concept of “no power failure is the best service”, without power failure to deal with power lines, equipment trouble, to ensure the safety of residents uninterrupted electricity.During the Spring Festival, the power supply grid service supervision telephone number 82295598 is on duty 24 hours a day.(Yang Sihan, Student reporter, Changjiang Daily, Wang Xin, correspondent)