Huawei mobile phones do not buy randomly, encounter these 3 series to avoid, advise you better not pit

2022-05-21 0 By

Now domestic mobile phones are more and more powerful, and they are among the best in the world. Therefore, a number of excellent mobile phone manufacturers have emerged, and Huawei is one of them.Huawei phones are popular because its flagship phones do a good job, the system and chips are self-developed components, and the spirit of self-research is respected by everyone.As Huawei becomes more and more famous in China, more and more people like to use Huawei mobile phones, but not all Huawei mobile phones are worth buying, you must avoid these three series, and you’d better not fall into the trap.Huawei’s free series has always been huawei’s low-end mobile phone series, with cheaper prices hovering in the thousand yuan machine. Many manufacturers have had such positioning mobile phones.It’s cheap, but it’s also poorly equipped. It doesn’t take long to get stuck, and if you want to use it for years, you can basically ignore this line of phones.In recent years, with the release of cost-effective mobile phones, more and more cost-effective mobile phones are in fierce competition. The price is cheaper but the configuration is higher. This kind of mobile phone is not so attractive, so it is best not to enter the pit when you encounter this series of mobile phones.Huawei Maiang series is a low-end mobile phone market. With the cooperation with operators, it attracts a large number of users with lower prices. However, the maiang series is updated very slowly, with only one model in a year.The price is cheaper, the specs are just as low, the phone doesn’t last long, and it doesn’t take long to get stuck, so it’s not worth buying.No matter which manufacturer, the cost performance of the suffix with the youth version is not very high, or even a little pit.And the youth version of the positioning is not clear, low or high-end positioning, similar to the original flagship appearance, but the performance and configuration is very different, it is a long story.In recent years, the competition between cost-effective mobile phones is fierce, and the configuration is higher when the price is lower. Although Huawei’s mobile phones have done well, huawei has basically given up all cost-effective mobile phones to Honor for a long time. With honor being sold, huawei’s flagship phone is the only one worth buying.Huawei is now basically uncompetitive in the low-end mobile phone market, so if you want to experience a more powerful Huawei phone, you are still recommended to buy huawei’s flagship phone.Huawei has always adopted the strategy of dual flagship mobile phones. Huawei P series is featured with photo taking and Mate series is the highest flagship of the year. Both of these two series are highly recommended.