Entertainment review: Wang Kai, Yuan Bingyan, Zhao Jinmai, Liu Yijun, Zhang Huiwen, Jin Chen

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Wang Kai spoke about his health problems for the first time in an interview, saying that a month after his father’s death, he underwent surgery for lung shadows detected during a physical examination.After “The Disguiser” and “Nirvana in Fire”, Wang kai’s career reached its peak. It was a sweet ascent for him, with all kinds of forces pushing him forward and all kinds of resources throwing at him.He himself is also non-stop seamless into the group, shot one work after another, but to maintain such a high popularity and work output is the premise that he must keep busy, the spring of his life to the most tight.With such intense work, he had little time for rest, and only realized that he needed to slow down when something went wrong.Wang Kai does not have too many work arrangements in the past two years. He does not work as hard as he did before. Although he has gained a lot of popularity, he is not short of resources.With midday sunshine even if the termination is still maintain a good relationship of cooperation, the noon of the production of the first choice of the leading role is basically Wang Kai.I don’t want to sell my health condition in the interview. I just want to share it with the public calmly, so as to explain my slackness in business in recent years and explain it to my fans.2, Yuan Bingyan Yuan Bingyan bottom are heart homemade ancient “pai tse make” occasionally, now basically is to see her costume piece of notebook, because of easy powder, but the project investment, to leave the heart Zhou Yutong after, she was sure the elder sister’s heart, huan, there has been no matter she, she also don’t argue with huan rui treatment, quiet, such as contracts expire.3, zhao today Michael zhao today the “beginning” of wheat echo is very good, she does not intend to answer the emotional drama, initially included in the “beginning” of the original script nor too deep feelings line, is group into act after discussion between the director and the actors feel to add a relationship line will be more full, will have to kiss, and her feelings and Bai Jingting lines.Including kissing scenes, but also after shooting.Zhao Jinmai is to want to go to the direction of the powerful party, her child star debut, acting is also commendable, the next play has not been decided.Goose factory gave her a lot of idol drama books, but were rejected by the team.She doesn’t really want to shoot idol dramas, but she still wants to focus on real dramas, even if it’s not the leading actress.There were investors who wanted to get together with her and Hu Xianxu, hu Xianxu lost weight after the hands of 80 percent of the book are idol drama, his face and figure in the idol drama is very popular.There is no hope for them to work together at the moment. Again, Zhao jinmai does not want to shoot idol dramas, and her team has turned down many idol series.4, Liu Yijun Liu Yijun is now the heart of the old drama, what subject matter can play, what role can control, and he is very interesting, because he always play bad guys before, so the image is a little bit fixed, he said in an interview, I hope I can play love, can play fashion.But if you look at his upcoming series, it doesn’t seem to have that kind of thing, but he’s got a lot of script offers now, and he’s the golden male partner on the show.He has been nominated many times for magnolia supporting actor. I hope he gets the award next time.5, Zhang Huiwen Zhang Huiwen left and song to Go to Fosun, Fosun film and television resources than and song is good, business is short board, but Zhang Huiwen is ready to make force in the film and television circle, so the new company just meets her needs.But the current fosun master holding Wang Chu-ran, Zhang Huiwen in the past, also can’t do the share of Wang Chu-ran female resources, she received a lot of drama configuration are not up to her initial expectations.6. Jinchen Jinchen has developed very well in the past two years. Both film and television resources and business resources have been substantially improved.She is currently shooting Blazing Road with Wang Anyu, and the TV series We who Can’t Fall in love starring Prince Yi is scheduled for February 8, so we can look forward to it.In those days, I was in contact with iQiyi’s “Vision of the Group”.