Record | Maintenance workers stole 2.85 million BMW guests show off, halfway “thudding”, the car into scrap iron

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There are many beautiful things in the world, it is inevitable that there are things you want but can not get, when not to insist on.You should know that no one can take what belongs to you, and that even reaching out for what does not belong to you is superfluous.You may lose even more, as was the case earlier in Henan province when a maintenance worker stole 2.85 million BMW cars from customers to show them off, only to turn them into scrap metal with a “thang”.CAI, who lives in Luoyang, Henan province, loves cars very much, and when he sees BMW X6 M on the market, he also has this economic ability.They spent 2.85 million full money to buy, since owning this car, Mr. CAI even drove carefully.For fear of scratching where, do not think in his hands to protect the good, to repair shop turned a trip but became scrap iron.In March 2021, because the car had some minor faults, Mr. CAI sent it to a repair shop for repair.This car was the only one in luoyang city at that time, the precious degree is self-evident, the person in charge of the repair shop saw such a big single is also very important.After assuring Mr. CAI that the service of his shop is very professional, Mr. CAI will be satisfied with it, so he can rest assured to leave his car here.But unexpectedly, probably because the BMW X6 M is really too eye-catching, in charge of repairing the car worker xiao A is also very jealous.He could never afford it on his salary, but he really wanted to experience what it would be like to drive such a luxury car, so he took his three friends out for a midnight drive in CAI’s car.If nothing had happened, and no one had found out about it, it just so happened that something had happened.Small A on the way back to the factory, I don’t know is driving A luxury car to drive people dizzy, or something, didn’t notice the road.He crashed into a transformer box, and when he checked his records, he was going fast.After the impact, the vehicle and its four occupants hovered in the air for several laps, waiting to roll to the ground.The car is almost scrapped, the only good thing is the quality of the car, four people through such a toss is ok.He didn’t even get hurt. It should have been caused by his own vanity, and he should be responsible for the loss.Who knows the small A but no repentance, without thinking of the car absconded, such as Mr CAI to visit the argument also lied that he is A test.The problem is that the time and location of the accident tell all. Who would run a test car more than 20 kilometers away from the repair shop?Who takes three people to a test drive in the middle of the night?Mr. CAI even doubted whether little A had drunk driving behavior at that time, otherwise why did he run away?No matter how small A sophistry, whether it is A test or vanity, because he privately will drive out of the car to lead to the scrapping of the vehicle is A fact.The improper management of the repair shop, so that Mr. CAI’s car was randomly driven out of scrap metal, they must take responsibility.Since Mr. CAI gave the car to the repair shop, and the repair shop gave the repair task to Little A, it was the repair shop that actually formed the maintenance contract relationship with Mr. CAI.Then the liability for breach of contract has to be borne by the maintenance factory, and the person in charge of the maintenance factory also said that they would assume the corresponding responsibility.It is worth mentioning that, because of the escape of small A, the insurance company may not compensate according to the contract.Just consider this car has been open for some time, will not press the original full payment, namely 2.85 million yuan compensation.It’s a negotiated evaluation, but even so, the car’s compensation is not small.Of course, by the repair shop to Mr. CAI compensation, does not represent the main responsible person small A can stay out of the matter.It is just that the maintenance factory shall investigate the liability of Little A. Article 1191 of civil Code: the employing unit shall bear tort liability if the staff of the employing unit causes damage to others due to the performance of work tasks.After assuming tort liability, the employing unit may recover compensation from the staff member who has committed intentional or gross negligence.During the period of labor dispatch, if the dispatched worker causes damage to others due to his/her performance of work tasks, the employer accepting labor dispatch shall bear tort liability.If the labor dispatch unit is at fault, it shall bear corresponding liabilities.”Salary pays interim regulation” the 6th: because laborer oneself reason causes economic loss to unit of choose and employ persons, unit of choose and employ persons can ask its compensation economic loss according to the agreement of the contract.The compensation for economic losses can be deducted from the wages of the laborer himself.But the part that deduces every month must not exceed laborer that month wages 20%.If the residual wage after deduction is lower than the local monthly minimum wage standard, it shall be paid according to the minimum wage standard.It is certain that small A will be responsible for this matter. I don’t know when he will pay back such A large sum of money. I’m afraid he will have to live in debt for years to come.