Trading deviant!Shuanghuan Technology: up 23.76% in the last 3 trading days, no material information not disclosed

2022-05-28 0 By

Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd. (SZ 000707, closing price: 11.25 YUAN) issued a statement on The evening of March 31, saying that the deviation from the closing price of Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd. (March 29, March 30 and March 31) was 21.22%.There is no need to correct or supplement the information disclosed by the company in the early stage.From January to December 2021, the operating revenue of Shuanghuan technology is as follows: hydrazine and other chemical products account for 99.89%, and commercial housing sales and property management account for 0.11%.The chairman of Shuanghuan Technology is Wang Wanxin, 57 years old, with a bachelor’s degree.The general manager is Lu Qiang, male, 47 years old, with a bachelor’s degree.”Stock trend” reminder: 1. No institution has conducted research on Shuanghuan Technology in the past 30 days;2. Shuanghuan Technology rose 23.76% in the past three trading days, its chemical sector rose 0.26% in the same period, and shenzhen Component Index rose 1.41% in the same period.More stock trend information, please search wechat public number “Daoda number”, reply to “query”, get free query permission!Disclaimer: The contents and data in this article are for reference only, do not constitute investment advice, and should be verified before use.Operate accordingly at your own risk.Daily Business News