In Zibo Tanxi Mountain blue Ice cave, experience the winter ice and snow carnival

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Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, the annual reunion festival is coming, suburban travel will become the mainstream.This holiday, I recommend you the tour guide of the boutique scenic spot located in Zibo, Shandong province, to feel the charm of winter travel.Zibo Tanxi Mountain, is a national AAAA level scenic spot, has been holding icefall festival activities for seven consecutive years, filling the gap of shandong winter tourism market.On the basis of inheriting ice and snow culture, Tanxi Mountain will bring multimedia art and immersive interactive experience projects to the site in 2022. Relying on the excellent geological landforms such as cliffs, waterfalls, rift valleys and caves, tanxi Mountain will create a winter ice and snow carnival themed “Adventure Blue Ice Cave”.Over the past seven years, the ice falls in Tanxi Mountain have become a beautiful name card for shandong’s winter tourism.Among them, the yingbin icefall located at the entrance of the gate of Tanxi Mountain, a drop of more than 30 meters, about 50 meters wide, waterfall ups and downs, majestic, known as “Lu zhong the first waterfall,” said.Every winter, the falling waterfalls condense into ice. They take on a variety of forms, from frozen waves to natural ice sculptures, making people feel as if they are in the polar world.After visitors enter the park, they can come to a group of icefall here, which is undoubtedly the best choice.Snow Cliff Market: Blue Ice Cave in the Spring Festival, the seventh Icefall Festival in Tanxi Mountain, and the cliff market project has been upgraded in Tanxi Mountain.There are a camping coffee cart brought by “One car, one restaurant” and a small shop near damgishan mineral water, offering mulled wine, hot coffee and warm tea, and warm drinks and food to warm everyone in the freezing snow.One of the most popular and must-see projects this year is the Blue Ice Cave installation.Layers of blue ice crystals create a cave tunnel, just like a blue ice dragon going inside. It is not only a “holy land” for bloggers, but also a carrier to experience the diversified lifestyle of Tanxi Mountain.3. High-altitude glass Bridge: The world’s first cable-stayed arc glass bridge without back cable won two world awards. As the flagship project of Tanxi Mountain, the high-altitude glass bridge attracts numerous powder and attracts many tourists to challenge and experience.The 117-meter bridge, which is suspended 101 meters above sea level, was awarded the 2019 World Structure Award — Pedestrian Bridge Award and the 2020 International Bridge Congress (IBC) — Arthur Haydn Award.Standing on the high glass bridge between the cliffs, overlooking the mountains is breathtaking.After a day of ice and snow, follow the glass bridge at sunset and plunge into the orange-red clouds. You can touch the sky with your hand.4. Cliff Hotel: 270 degree landscape vision, conveying the beauty of hidden world vacation, the visual enjoyment presented by light, shadow, nature and humanity, which needs to be appreciated in different states of mind and ways.Choosing a place to stay and touching the mountains as a homecoming gesture is undoubtedly an excellent experience.Tanxi Mountain Cliff Hotel is a homestay hotel designed above the five-star standard.Here, a large area of French Windows are used, cleverly introducing the magnificent scenery outside the window into the interior. Each room is an island of intimacy with nature.Looking out of the window, you can see endless mountains and endless clouds.There are only 10 suites in the cliff hotel, you will get extraordinary experience, between heaven and earth to enjoy the artificial wonders of the vast universe, in the smart rooms, experience the minimalist style of contemporary aesthetics and comfortable luxury details of the fusion, feel the love of life.This article is photographed by @Photographer Meirui, @Fangcrocodile, @JolinTomato, @77I Shopping, Cui Xincheng. Tel: 0533-5036666 Activity Address: Tanxi Mountain Tourism Resort, Taihe Town, Zichuan District, Zibo city, Shandong ProvinceFrom now to February 15, 2022, the scenic spot will launch the Spring Festival holiday special activity, adult ticket 40 yuan/person, ticket + glass bridge set ticket 120 yuan/person, can be booked on Meituan, Ctrip, Douyin platform.