Shiyan Industrial New District: held a debriefing conference for non-public party construction instructors

2022-05-30 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Sun Qin Feng Qianyu) “I pack the hongya li party branch formed by the ‘party member team’ to help enterprises overcome a lot of technical problems, last year the company to seize the opportunity, order volume increased by one times…”February 18, walked into the shiyan Industrial New Area “post training” activity site, where non-public party construction instructors briefing conference, more than 30 officials and community attended the meeting.At the meeting, 27 non-public party construction instructors of Shiyan Industrial New Area reported on the functions and activities of the Party organization, the brand characteristics of the party construction of the enterprise, and helping to coordinate and solve problems based on the actual development of the enterprise.At the same time, the meeting also focused on how to guide the healthy development of enterprises, improve the social influence of the Party, the transfer of party members in the enterprise branch, the establishment of park linkage mechanism and other topics were discussed, in-depth search for the special and common problems existing in the non-public party building of enterprises, clear the next work plan, set a good target for the non-public Party building in 2022.It is understood that there are 25 “Two New” Party organizations in shiyan New Industrial Area. The unit attaches great importance to non-public party building work, and has sent 27 party building instructors from all party members in organs and communities to carry out “Party building + business” double guidance to the “two new” Party organizations in the area.Next, the unit will form a complete set of party construction instructor selected management, education and training, set up the annual performance evaluation and assessment PingXian whole chain management mechanism, by learning more skills and post exercise, business training, build a skilled grasp the policy level, serve the masses, to carry out the work method of “compound” party political instructor team,Promote the party building work in the park to a new level.