Wang Xizhi’s running script 12 Spring Festival Couplets

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Wang Xizhi (303-361), the most outstanding calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was born in Linyi, Langya, and lived in Shanyin, Kuaiji. He was an official of the Right Army, so he was called “Wang Youjun”.Wang Xizhi began to learn calligraphy at the age of seven, and successively learned from Mrs. Wei and uncle Wang 廙, who were from a family of calligrapher. Later, he also visited the fine works of Qin and Han dynasty seal script, Li Chungu and Pu MAO, carefully studied the body potential, followed by heart copy hand, widely gathered many long, and forged in a furnace to create the running script works of “natural nature, feng God covers the generation”, which was praised as the “sage of calligraphy” by later generations.Wang Xizhi running script set word Spring Festival couplets 12: top: four more auspicious, eight eternal peace.Horizontal batch: the country is peaceful and people are safe: spring breeze smiling, second couplet: firecrackers add joy.Hengpi: full of joy: spring breeze blowing willow green, couplet: blue water fertility bonus.Hengpi: Spring on the earth: cattle offer plum blossom fu, the second couplet: chicken leaves figure.Hengpi: grand plan: firecrackers spread auspicious language, couplet: Winter plum newspaper New Year.Horizontal PI: the whole world to celebrate the first line: flower cattle watch fish music, the second line: blue clouds envy birds fly.Hengpi: beaming