The origin of Sun Moon Lake

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There is a beautiful and rich place in Taiwan, which attracts many tourists every year. It has also become a famous tourist destination in the region. This place is Sun Moon Lake.There are many beautiful legends about the Sun Moon Lake. Do you know the history of the Sun Moon Lake?The origin of Sun Moon Lake name Sun Moon Lake is the most famous scenic spot in Taiwan Island of China, Zhuzai Island divided the lake into the north and south half, the north half of the lake is round like the sun, so it is called Sun Lake;The southern half of the lake is curved like a crescent moon, so it is called Moon Lake. This is the origin of Sun Moon Lake’s name.Sun Moon Lake is a tourist resort surrounded by mountains, lush trees, many places of interest, it has a vast lake and crystal clear pool, plus the peaks on both sides reflected in the lake, really is a beautiful landscape painting.The beauty of the Sun Moon Lake legend there is a beautiful legend about the name of the Sun Moon Lake, words in the tai tam long ago there lived two dragon, they swallow the sun and the moon is in the belly, have never thought in the world without the sun and the moon, the local smart brave big brother tip and spray elder sister, determination for the world back to the sun and the moon.So they found the two dragons, and in order to turn the sun and moon into two great mountains, they stood beside the pool forever. Later people called this pool the Sun moon Pool.How beautiful is the view of the Sun Moon Lake The Sun Moon Lake is beautiful because it is surrounded by mountains covered with green trees, and the lake is quiet and blue, like a huge jasper plate.Sun Moon Lake scenery picturesque, whether they are spring, summer, autumn and winter or – the weather, the scenery there is very beautiful, especially the autumn night, shrouded in mist gently on the lake, the moon is reflected in the lake, the scenery is more beauty moving, Sun Moon Lake of the four seasons pleasant climate, summer is very cool, so also is the famous summer resort.Conclusion: Sun Moon Lake is a well-known sightseeing resort, it is like a fairyland in fairy tales, attracting a lot of Chinese and foreign tourists to play.