“Heartwarming” NPC deputies show their identity in fighting the epidemic

2022-06-04 0 By

“I am both a party member and a deputy of the county people’s Congress, how can I ‘drop the chain’ at the critical moment!I want to join the volunteer team, help the community to fight the epidemic, do practical things for the masses is our bounden responsibility!””Wang mengyao said.Wang Mengyao is the deputy secretary of the Discipline inspection Commission of Hongyao Town. She lives in Haizhou District, Lianyungang City.While obeying the organization’s arrangement to protect herself, Wang Mengyao actively responded to the call and applied to join the volunteer team of Pudong Community, Xinpu Street, Haizhou District, Lianyungang, to actively serve the front-line epidemic prevention and control work in her community.”In Lianyungang, in addition to assisting the community in the fight against COVID-19, we also handled the work at hand through the online platform and maintained close communication with other colleagues through the work group.”Wang Mengyao introduced.The Pudong community has nearly 20,000 residents, and there is a large flow of people and vehicles in the morning and evening.Wang mengyao stands at the test card for hours every day, registering, disinfecting and taking her temperature…Since the outbreak of the epidemic, wang Mengyao has never been absent for several days.In order to reduce cross-infection, facilitate students to take online classes and people who work at home and save the time of queuing, the community has taken the detection of buildings separately.Holding a loudspeaker, Wang Mengyao will repeatedly broadcast epidemic prevention propaganda to every resident downstairs in the community, urging residents to timely nucleic acid testing.In order to prevent elderly residents who live on higher floors from hearing the notification, she went to each floor to call for people and delivered the “loudspeaker” notification and quarantine propaganda to each household.”You have worked so hard and really helped us a lot. People like me with leg problems do not have to queue and will not be missed every round of nucleic acid test. Thank you so much!”An old man living in a high – rise is grateful to Wang Mengyao said.Epidemic prevention and control is for everyone and depends on everyone.Wang mengyao said that since she is in an infected area, she should actively advocate an optimistic and healthy lifestyle, reduce outdoor activities and stay away from the risk of infection.At the same time, we urge more people around us to strengthen self-protection and actively participate in the work of strict prevention and control, so as to contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.