Media information: “The Long Season” is finished, “Chinese Wedding” has been filed

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April 7, 2022 “The Long Season” completed by penguin film suspense drama “the Long Season” and officially announced the cast for the first time, fan Wei, Qin Hao, Chen Minghao, Li Gengxi, Liu Yitie, Liu Lin, Shi Peng yuan and other actors to join,The play tells the story of a northern town across nearly 20 years of history – “Birch forest” in a series of unexpected stories of several families, is expected to land in the second half of the Tencent video network alone.War Shanghai boot by Shanghai radio and television, it is the pictures, two zero one film and television production of a major revolution period such as lu Shanghai of the wars in hengdian low-key boot, starring Zhang Jiayi, liu tao, dvd-mkv, Qiao Zhenyu, according to the Liu Tong creation based on literature of the same name, director gao xixi, screenwriter Long Pingping, is expected to be as a tribute drama base dragon TV, etc.”You also have today” is expected to start Q2 based on the fei Ran ye novel adaptation, key meng produced the lawyer industry drama “you also have today” is expected to start in the second quarter of this year, starring Chen Xingxu, Zhang Ruonan, the platform will be in the youku alone, legal beauty VS high cold poison boss, career elite city romance theme.Plot synopsis: The pure girl cheng Yao with a lawyer’s dream is admitted by a top law firm, so she decides to move to a place close to the company to live and work better.Did not expect the landlord a room two rent, cheng Yao with another tenant quarrel.That person turned out to be cheng Yao law firm boss Qian Heng.Qian Heng the first day into yao into his group, began the devil training, but the purpose of training is to get rid of the relationship into yao.Cheng Yao unknown truth thought he was lucky, redouble efforts, in a series of devil training outstanding performance, but let Qian Heng sit up and take notice.Two people get along in the day and night of work and life, from do not deal with each other, care for each other, brush the spark of love gradually.Through ups and downs, Cheng Yao grew up to be a qualified lawyer, also with Qian Heng to a happy marriage.April 7, 2022 “Chinese Wedding — My daughter got married” set a date, love partners, good marriage with the same virtue.Hunan SATELLITE TV “Chinese wedding – My daughter got married” official announcement file on April 16 22:00 broadcast in Hunan SATELLITE TV, together feel warmth, witness happiness.Starting from April 8, every Friday at 21:05 PM, Beijing SATELLITE TV’s children’s film and television performance experience program “Spring of Acting Class” begins classes.Lock Beijing SATELLITE TV, and children together meet performance, meet spring.