Zhang Yimou: Tell China’s story to the world

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Last night, I watched the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” on TV.The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing were described by the then president of the Olympic Committee as “unparalleled”.It is widely recognized internationally as an unprecedented event.However, once the Creativity of the Chinese people is mobilized, there will be endless surprises.That was the case with the opening ceremony.Although in scale, fully embodies China’s commitment to “simplicity”, but, simple is not equal to simple, last night’s opening ceremony, can be regarded as China’s hosting of the Olympic Games in two different styles of display, is the Olympic “double”.The general director of both events is Zhang Yimou. His films, like other large-scale events and performances directed by zhang, have basically formed his unique style — trying to show the charm of Traditional Chinese culture, and the national is the world.In 2008, a series of Chinese traditional culture evolved from the fou of 2008 actors. In a short time, the audience was brought into the long history of Chinese culture with magnificent atmosphere.Is there any country in the world that can display such a profound history of more than 3,000 years?The timing of this year’s Winter Olympics coincides with the start of Spring in the Chinese lunar calendar — 24 solar terms that begin with rain and end with The start of spring — is entirely coincident, but that coincidence led Zhang Yimou to find the inspiration for the countdown.Through this Winter Olympics, the ancient Chinese calendar was popularized to the world.The 24 solar terms are an important part of the long history and culture of the Chinese nation.It is the product of China’s ancient agricultural civilization, and is a knowledge system formed by our ancestors through observing the movement of celestial bodies and recognizing the seasonal, climate, phenology and other changes during the first year of life.The opening ceremony was accompanied by excerpts from ancient Chinese poems about each solar term. The cultural accumulation and depth are equally unparalleled.As the 24 solar terms of 2016 have been designated as the world’s intangible cultural heritage, we have every reason to display the cultural heritage shared by all mankind.The idea of the flag-raising ceremony is the most touching. More than 100 ordinary Chinese people from all nationalities and industries passed the national flag. There is no need to explain the meaning of this process too much.In 2008, a primary school student sang “Sing the Motherland” with children’s voice;Yesterday, or a primary school student, with the trumpet to play “I and my motherland”, although not up to the professional level, but the Chinese people familiar with the affectionate music, let the screen before the Chinese people moved.In the whole process of flag-raising, except for the last few minutes, which are carried out by the honor guard, the rest is natural.Patriotism, by its very nature, need not be ritualized.The masses’ patriotic consciousness and the stylization of the honor guard’s flag-raising have reached an organic unity.What a powerful force it is for 1.4 billion people to truly love their country. Without singing or lecturing, and without straining their muscles, every performer in the Bird’s Nest and the Chinese audience are expressing their feelings in a way that the people of the world can understand.This is the traditional Chinese culture — “a lowly position dare not forget the worries of the country”, “everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world” — this is what our ancestors taught us. This is the culture that unites 1.4 billion people.Patriotism and good-neighbourliness complement each other.In the opening ceremony, when the young people from various countries and ethnic groups of the world strolled across the whole performance area, behind them, there appeared pictures of the daily life of people from all over the world.The opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics interpreted that “peace is the most precious”, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was extended.This is a striking scene in today’s world.In the global village, only with “greater solidarity”, “working together for the future” and building a human community can we defeat the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, and eliminate war and hegemony.An Olympic truce, hopefully not just during the Games.The Chinese people are peace-loving. This is ingrained in Chinese culture.The doves dancing in the hands of the children finally gathered together into a love, the innocent ideal, simple and simple idea, without any language explanation, expressed the common aspiration of mankind.Snow and ice are crystal clear, white, a huge snowflake become people’s spiritual totem, but also throughout the performance of tangible clues.Finally, the Torch of the Olympic Games is inserted in the middle of the snowflakes. There is no burning platform, just a small torch. This subversive creativity reflects environmental protection and simplicity, and the torch that will eventually go out is actually eternal in people’s hearts.When the name of each country appeared in a small snowflake on the time, the Mind of the Chinese people suddenly appeared very broad.Although politicians in some countries are very unfriendly and even hostile to us, the name of the country and China are in the same big snowflake.I am reminded of the famous words of Voltaire, the French bourgeois enlightenment thinker of the 18th century: No snowflake is innocent in an avalanche.When two torchbearers, a man and a woman, appeared in the middle of a snowflake, I thought the shot had the most beautiful composition. It was a snowflake, like a Chinese knot, and like window decorations on the Chinese New Year, with strong color contrast and strong happiness.It is important to point out that the female torchbearer is also a girl from xinjiang ethnic group, which is also a strong rebuke to the rumor that China has carried out “genocide” against xinjiang ethnic group.I imagine that the opening ceremony will probably be held in a niche setting, and the reasons are well known.But WHAT I didn’t expect was that it would be held at the Huge bird’s Nest stadium, where thousands of spectators, athletes, national leaders and international dignitaries would gather.In this seemingly relaxed and warm atmosphere, we can imagine that China has made thoughtful and meticulous arrangements for epidemic prevention. This is China’s “confidence in its system”, and we have shown the achievements of the Chinese people in front of the world.This is also a proper meaning of Chinese culture, Chinese hospitality is “courtesy” first.The Chinese people welcome the guests from all over the world with great hospitality.By the way, athletes enter the stadium not in alphabetical order, but in alphabetical order based on the number of strokes of Chinese characters.When in Rome, do as the Romans do.All in all, the opening ceremony, which lasted two hours and 20 minutes, told China’s story to the world.