A story tells us that if we argue less and get angry less, we will win in life

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One day, when one of Confucius’ students was sweeping the floor outside his door, a guest came and asked him, “Who are you?”He said proudly, “I am a disciple of Mr. Kong!”The guest said, “That’s great. May I ask you a question?The student said happily: “Yes!”He thought, You’re going to have some strange problems.The guest asked, “How many seasons are there in a year?”The student thought to himself, do you need to ask this question?So he answered, “Spring, summer, autumn and winter.”The guest shook his head and said, “No, there are only three seasons in a year.””Ah, you are mistaken, the Four Seasons!”Three season!Finally, the two men could not argue, so they decided to bet: if it is the four seasons, the guest will knock three heads to the student.If it’s three seasons, the student knocks three heads at the guest.One of Confucius’s students thought that he had won this time, so he was about to take his guest to see his master. At this moment, Confucius came out of the room. The student approached him and asked, “Master, how many seasons are there in a year?Confucius looked at his guest and said, “There are three seasons in a year.”The student was nearly fainting, but he did not dare to ask at once.The guest immediately said, “Kowtow!”The student has no way, but obediently kowtow three head.After the guests left, the student eagerly asked Confucius, “Teacher, there are obviously four seasons in a year. How do you say three seasons?”The Master said, “Did you not see that man was green all over?He is a grasshopper; a grasshopper is born in the spring and dies in the autumn; he has never seen winter.You lose, three heads, it doesn’t matter.Read this story, we understand the “summer insects can not speak ice” truth.Then, when we meet unreasonable people in our daily life, we can think about the story of “Three seasons of people”, so that we can stabilize our emotions and not argue unnecessarily. “No argument is compassion, no discrimination is wisdom”, and our life realm will therefore improve.