Cao County in the lights, stick to us!

2022-06-07 0 By

Happy New Year’s Eve eve, thousands of lights year after year, peace I have no regrets to adhere to, tireless public security Blue, guard home country when New Year’s Eve festival and peace diffuse in the streets when the family reunion dinner wanders out of the taste of “home” someone is still in the night to guard thousands of lights……Patrol prevention and control don’t close combat-ready for military wear they patrol in the streets and lanes on duty at the traffic card point on duty at the grassroots police station……In their eyes, New Year’s Eve is peace, is the guardian, but also stick to command and dispatch uninterrupted command and dispatch,Enthusiastic service they stick to their posts in front of the police reception desk 24 hours a day, telephone and online 365 days a year, they stick to their posts to listen with their ears and transmit with their voices. They stay on the phone to ensure your safety and keep free and never stop. There is always a touch of “fluorescent green” in the boundless sea to illuminate the way for you to go homeGo all out to ensure the road traffic unimpeded from an accident scene to another accident scene lights out, don’t ask to return to the service for the people not a holiday in order to be able to solve the problems and troubles of the masses for the first time on duty police, consulting mediation……They “service” has always been not not lax off for epidemic prevention and control mission beginner’s mind is never forgotten war “epidemic” time yong bear face of the new champions league they race against time, day and night fighting outbreak epidemic epidemiological inspections if you got a call from epidemic verification follow-up please actively cooperate with because they sacrifice their reunion with his family to eliminate hidden danger earlier reunion positions are not of the New Year celebrationsThe “New Year’s Dinner” is eaten in turn,Eat they don’t have time to pick on duty in advance equipment eat is not so hurry dinner “elegant” because when the police rang can immediately rushed to the scene in small purplish blue shadow shuttle laterbar) of peace on the streets with a stick to have a family reunion on this happy occasion of New Year’s holiday caoxian county public security to guard wanjiadenghuo writing blessing of peace with practical action to practice the tenet of serving the peopleForce to solve problems for the masses have ME, Cao Xian Ann!END