How to zone traffic and scam calls?

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The 2022-03-25 national center for anti cheat 10:38:40 recently around the grim situation of domestic outbreak epidemic prevention and control department also issued a notice to find some friend also received a “contact” crowd “flow” telephone the police spend little sister with the epidemic prevention and control work is a citizen’s responsibility and obligation, at the same time of working well with “flow”, also beware of telecom fraud,Don’t let the criminals take advantage of it.So, how do we zone shunting telephone and telecom network fraud phone?Q: What is “flow tone”?Epidemiological investigation is all about finding out if the path you took, the people you met, and the things that happened to you in important times in the past might have spread disease or put you at risk of catching one.Q: Why do “flow tone”?Flow control is the key to epidemic control. The information collected by flow control can play a key role in effectively containing the epidemic, which can be reflected in: tracking the activity trajectory of the source of infection (patient);Assessing the potential spread of the epidemic and delineating risk areas;Follow-up of close contacts and screening of high-risk groups;It is the basic basis for risk assessment and epidemic prevention and control policies.Q: Who will be doing the flow tune?Suspected cases;Confirmed cases;Asymptomatic infected persons;Persons who have been in close contact or jointly exposed to the suspected contaminated environment.So, “flow adjustment” phone and fraud phone difference in where?In case of emergency, the dispatcher may use a variety of ways to contact him, including a landline or a personal mobile phone.Telecom fraud telephone number is international calls, the number at the beginning of a “+”, or do not show the attribution of the telephone, attribution to show “unknown” telephone, basic fraud!Don’t pick up!Personal information: name, age, where you live, how many people are in your home and where you are now.Health status: Recent discomfort, recent medical treatment, fever, cough and other abnormal conditions, nucleic acid test, etc.Travel history of the epidemic area Whether you have traveled, stopped, traveled, and visited the epidemic area.The history of living in the affected area.History of close contact with passengers, close communication, family members, colleagues and classmates, and onlookers.Whether to travel by plane, train, car or ship.Other necessary information only useful information for disease control and prevention of real flow adjustable working people would never do a few things left left left to ask the following property and other problems associated with the spread of disease is not for any reason to send for qr code allows you to scan your bank card number, password, or authentication code for any reason to send links let you click sell any products or for any reason you are asked to pay for any reasonPlease join the QQ group, WeChat group for any reason let you transfer and the so-called “capital verification to determine if you have the above situation can telecom fraud in a timely manner, please call 110 report to the police finally sorghum want to remind you of fraud prevention must remember at the same time actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work must be deliberately withheld will bear legal responsibility to provide accurate information source: jiangxi public security