Binzhou City Bincheng District CPPCC coagulation together to fight the epidemic

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Hello, your body temperature is 36.3 degrees Celsius, your body temperature is normal, you can enter the community, please take personal protection during the epidemic.On March 29, zhang Shuqiang, a volunteer on duty in the Oasis Jiayuan residential area of Binzhou City and a CPPCC member, told residents to enter the residential area.In the face of this situation complex epidemic prevention and control, binzhou shore city people’s political consultative conference resolutely implement the central and provincial and municipal district party committee deployment requirements, of district 269 CPPCC, 28 marina city people’s political consultative conference office working personnel twist into a rope, overcome the difficulty and action “disease”, take the initiative to bear, as actively, shows the Chinese people’s political consultative conference in resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control war.The Party Committee called for it and the CPPCC responded.After the outbreak of the epidemic, bincheng District CPPCC quickly responded, held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control, and carefully made arrangements for the prevention and control measures of the regional CPPCC system.A written proposal was immediately issued to all members of the regional political association, calling on them to raise their political standing, gather their hearts and minds together, and bring together positive energy in the fight against the epidemic.Bian Hongfang, party Secretary and chairman of The CPPCC Bincheng District, made in-depth contact with Yangliuxue Town, Baobao township, to conduct on-site inspection and guidance on the epidemic prevention and control work of Yangliuxue;We visited beizhen community health service centers and other frontline areas to encourage them to stay motivated and build a solid defense line against the epidemic.Members of the CPPCC team of Bincheng District took the lead to shoulder responsibilities and stick to the front line. Four vice chairmen served as deputy commander-in-chief of the Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters of The district, respectively participating in or responsible for the epidemic prevention and control work in off-campus training institutions and communities in the district, comprehensively spreading the epidemic prevention and control “battle map” and urging the implementation of various prevention and control measures.It is a crucial part of epidemic prevention and control to have the courage to take responsibility and go to the community to meet the epidemic as soon as possible.Marina district staff members of CPPCC and organs form 96 volunteer service, to the packages to community center of oasis home, “double report” – rainbow lake city west street community, such as participate in a line of unattended, nucleic acid detection seriously examine into the personnel identification, health code, identification papers, and a detailed registration, a car to ensure no leakage, no leakage, build a community safety defence.Wang Zhipeng, the first secretary of the Bincheng District COMMITTEE of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, stuck to his post, took the lead in participating in the village entrance on duty, organizing villagers to conduct nucleic acid tests, and actively promoting epidemic prevention and control policies.According to the needs of villagers, centralized procurement of daily necessities, to ensure the life of villagers during the epidemic.Three comrades from the CPPCC Organs of Bincheng District participated in the patient transfer work of Bethune Hospital, meticulously organized and accompanied patients throughout the whole process to help patients successfully complete daily dialysis treatment, which was recognized and praised by patients.Since the bincheng District CPPCC issued its proposal on March 14, the majority of CPPCC members have actively responded to the call, either fighting in the front line, or donating money and materials, to support the front line of epidemic prevention, and a large number of members and pioneers have emerged.Sun Hao donated 600,000 YUAN to Bincheng District Charity Federation for epidemic prevention and control;Li Peikai donated 280,000 medical masks…According to incomplete statistics, up to now, CPPCC members and their enterprises have donated more than 3.5 million yuan in total.Member Man Yuqing changed from a medical worker to a front-line volunteer for epidemic prevention and control. After work, more than 20 residents of the community joined the volunteer team to participate in nucleic acid testing, information entry, health code inspection and other volunteer services.Yu Hongyan, a member of the Medical and health sector, performed her duties on the front line.Cui Junhong, member of the Education sector, went all out for the students to have a good online class;CPPCC members incarnation volunteers to oasis jiayuan community to participate in the guard;While doing epidemic prevention and control, the enterprises in the committee have orderly production and operation…More than 200 committee members in the district have demonstrated their strengths and abilities in their respective posts and battle lines, fully demonstrating their feelings and responsibilities in performing their duties for the country and the people.A trickle of water gathers strength to fight the epidemic.Marina city committee of the party secretary, chairman HongFang side to say: “marina city committee of the Chinese government cadres and the masses of Chinese people’s political consultative conference committee will be in penang district party committee, under the strong leadership of the people in the region. The concentric 勠 force, overcome difficulties, to gather ‘love in binzhou, binzhou, binzhou, binzhou built’ consensus for, to win the battle of no gunpowder smoke.”(Reporter Xu Congfen correspondent Dong Xuetao Wang Zhipeng) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: