My fermented black beans grow bigger and bigger. When I break them apart, I will never forget them

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Homesickness, the flavor of the New Year, does not have to have a grand and victorious event, to evoke those melancholy.In the morning of the second day of junior high school in southern Sichuan town, CCTV music Channel plays guangzhou “Southern Warming” program.Speaking of the flavor of Spring Festival, Yangjiang douchi is featured on CCTV, which reminds me of my homesickness, especially during the Spring Festival.I remembered the cheap, homely dish of black beans from home.The family tradition is familiar.Every year, when the soybeans are harvested, the old woman will save a liter of fermented black beans before the New Year.Beside the patio, she picked a bean by bean.The beans are plump and golden.A pile of beans winnowed on the ground for chickens to peck.Make tempeh before Spring Festival.When the beans are cooked, whisk them hot into a bucket of cold water.After the bubble swelling, wash the beans and cook them in a large pot.Strain the water and place it in a cloth bag in a wicker basket with grain grass and cotton. Let it ferment and soften. Take it out after three days.I can’t forget what I ate when I was a child.The industrious custom of the people in the small town of south Sichuan cultivated my practical ability.Work outside, every time when eating porridge, I think of this dish: dry fermented beans with boiled water to soften, put some MSG, and then cut ginger, radish burging green pepper and bean mix, than eating dragon meat chicken meat beauty.I learned to do the southern Sichuan New Year to eat, back to success.In the south, I wondered: why not use this heat to make dried tempeh?We really dare to dare to do, said to do, step by step success but failed.Kneading the seasoned black beans into a ball, “it is impossible to dry in such a fierce summer.”This is where it all goes wrong.Bitter I like to serve newborn baby to serve it: in the morning end to bask in, evening with big plastic bag cover good, they say smelly, but also afraid of “small strong” cockroach invasion.Those who are accustomed to tempeh say they are fragrant.Just like hunan people eat stinky tofu. If they like it, they say it’s delicious. If they don’t like it, they cover their nose and hide it.For example, cantonese people like to eat durian. I can’t compliment the taste.However, if the pomegranate eaters eat the Queen mother’s flat peach, they will feel very happy.Anyway, let’s talk about bean drums.I have been drying my fermented black beans for several days. I urge you to squeeze them tightly: what white thing is wriggling?Mama yeah!Break open look, it is small maggot all, chubby white life.The warm climate in the south allows these creatures to grow at will. A few days ago, I didn’t realize that when the tempeh grew too big, they burst. Fang found that it was absolutely impossible to make bean drum by relying on this heat energy.Do not hesitate to pull a child rushed downstairs, will this dirty into the trash can, disgusted extremely.However, the contents of the black beans, like a carpenter with a nail gun, the eternal memory of the nail into the brain.Knowing this, my second brother, du Hou, sent me his hometown black beans by express from southern Sichuan for fear that I might be hungry in the south.My family laughed at me for eating, and I laughed at them for not knowing their taste.Notice, the Japanese call this natto, eat can longevity.Ever curious, go to the supermarket to buy taste.Natto is just tempeh, which is far from what I make. It’s bland and you want to fade out the bird in your mouth.A friend has filial piety, went to Japan to play spent thousands of yuan to buy natto what injection, said that dad will prolong life with yunyun.I am its friend is not worth, already can live a long life from already do black bean to eat not line yao?It is not worth throwing money at.Besides, what kind of stuff can’t be filled with pigs?I don’t believe in that stuff.I suspect 8, 000 young men and women from China who crossed over to Japan brought the technology of making beans with them.Now the Japanese slightly change the name to Japanese bean longevity bean.They even made needles of medicine and sold them to Chinese tourists, from which they made great profits.Duped, my countrymen.Busy for a year are tired, write some leisurely prose essays, relieve pressure, hope friends patience.Ren Yinhu year on the third day of the first month