There’s more to the injury than that. Lakers are out of the playoffs

2022-06-08 0 By

So far, the lakers to 27 about 31 is the ninth in the west, now with the injury of heavy eyebrows, means the lakers playoff berth reservation suspension, but the team at the end of yesterday’s victory over the jazz burnley, it is a good signal, for the team now vogel for using this seems a little less understood,But considering the next games, plus there is no heavy eyebrows that is, in fact, heavy eyebrows itself is a hidden time bomb, with bad will be injured at any time, considering the lakers bad record, vogel caught heavy eyebrows with hard, eventually lead to the AD was injured again, if protect heavy eyebrows with Howard, early estimates also not appear the situation of today,Winning the game, but what would change?Now beetle-browed injury have been affecting the lakers management movements, Beijing time on February 18, NBA officials announced the latest injury heavy eyebrows, god latest news reported according to the names are written in the NBA, Anthony Davis suffered a sprained foot, is expected to at least four weeks to go back to the injury assessment, which means that the heavy eyebrows will miss at least a month’s time.As is known to all, heavy eyebrows is in yesterday’s game against the jazz carelessly trampled the other gerber heels inside of sprained ankle results directly 90 degrees, cause he can’t walk upright, has finally been Howard and small Jordan with help from the field, then, the lakers announced heavy eyebrows exit the game due to injury, and also made the X-ray,The results came back negative with no structural damage, but considering the lakers will be sidelined for the next month, it will be a blow to the lakers.The reporter also said that with the suspension, the Lakers are out of the playoffs, even if they make it to the playoffs.It is worth mentioning that, according to a lot of famous mouth heavy eyebrows injury story, now is not just sprained my ankle injury, considering the heavy eyebrows itself of the injury was less, seem so even if a month after the check result is difficult to play good, even playing time is under control, so for the lakers, don’t say the title this season, even into the playoffs, it is important thatIf the lakers this season so done, so lebron James is likely to choose to leave, because it was revealed earlier, if the lakers can’t win, James would consider a return to his former cavaliers, because now the cavs is not only a good team, or his hometown at the same time, it is important to James first will want to retire in Cleveland.So the lakers don’t win of the season, lebron James left basically nailing on board, once James left, the lakers will be rebuilt, immediately estimates, including less heavy eyebrows, then all the players will be on the shelves, but anyway, still hope heavy eyebrows can recover at an early date, would like to see the lakers this season to achieve the wish of his heart,What do you think?Feel free to comment in the comments section!