Nine-year-old party members in Nangang district teach the elderly “in the air”

2022-06-11 0 By

“Open the main page of wechat, finger down, in the recently used small program to find the Longjiang health code, we try, very easy…”Hong Huijuan, a 90-year-old party member in Huayuan Street, nangang District, has been teaching the elderly for 20 years.Hong told reporters that she had studied in Shanghai Nanyang Middle School when she was young. She taught railway surveying, Russian, English and other courses in the school, and retired from the railway department in 1986.In 2002, she learned that huayuan community had opened a college for the elderly, so she volunteered to teach English for everyone, which started her teaching career in her later years.COVID – 19 outbreak, hung the teacher is good at to accept new things, take the initiative to offline class to online, in addition to leading the elderly insist on learning English, also opened a “plan for epidemic” “psychological comfort each other” and so on the small classroom, at the same time of comfort the elderly home alone, let old people in the classroom to open up, help each other to encourage each other, mutual learning,Pursue optimistic and colorful old age life.”I used to rarely use such ‘high-tech’ things as contactless classes and small programs, but after Teacher Hong taught me how to use them, I found it was really convenient.””We used to have poor school conditions and poor English skills.When we retire, we don’t have much to do. We learn English with Teacher Hong. We not only gain knowledge and insight, but also form a group of old friends with similar interests, which makes our old life more meaningful.”