We have a TV at home

2022-06-12 0 By

Our kids couldn’t be happier to have a TV in our house again.A $1,000 TV isn’t too good, it’s not too bad, it’s better than watching a movie on my laptop, which is only 10 inches.We haven’t had a TV in years!Every time the children go back to the grandmother’s house as if they haven’t seen TV for eight hundred years, the grandmother said, you have some money to buy a TV for the children to see good, if there is no, I will lend some to you.That’s a good grandma. We’ll get a TV, then.So we managed to buy a TV.The results of this choice is also good, now is the first day of the New Year, I wrote the diary, the Spring Festival Gala on TV, but also really feel comfortable than in my this ten inch small computer.And Yang said, “Mom, you’re going to stop watching TV and taking away the remote control again.”I said nothing, we used to use the computer to watch what, and now do so, and our TV does not install network TV, if you want to watch, you have to connect my computer to watch, and before the usual should do, or do.TV is a tool, we don’t let a tool carry us.With TV, I will let my children watch documentaries and movies a little more than before, where the feet can’t go, the eyes can go.Screens are a powerful platform for children to see the world from a new perspective.Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, read countless people.It’s impossible to get to know more people, to have deeper conversations with them, but television, movies can, a good movie can get us to know something in just an hour or two, a half life, a whole life.Said recently watched Anthony robin’s speech, Yang, pig, and I feel he is lucky, see documentary global climate warming, we from nearby small start, use less plastic bags, saving water, electricity, with pig’s words, we want to work for global warming to an own efforts, to remind each other, turn off the lights, turn off the water.Piggy is the most lovely, always remember, Yang said, piggy poisoning is not shallow, a see we go out do not turn off the light said, global climate warming will because you go out do not turn off the light.For example, we have seen Confucius this movie, is really a good movie, Yang after watching, and I would like to read the Analects of Confucius, said to learn with my mother to read, be a man, do things.Because she did.So, TV is really a good thing, through the visual and auditory feast, give us a beautiful experience of body and mind!I remember Taiwan writer Li Ao once said that TV is a machine for mass production of fools.He was referring to the people who watch TV all the time, especially the kind of cartoons that are not very nutritious, and the kind of SOAP operas that I love you, you don’t love me, he loves me, I don’t love him, I love him, he loves him.