Ou Mingfeng: Write a new picture of “one city and two districts” in Yiliang

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Editor’s note: How do the newly elected heads of counties and cities focus on “starting again with high-quality development” and how do they improve people’s livelihood?What is their path map and schedule?By kunming Press and Media Group palm Spring City jointly with the county (city) district finance media center to create the “Real Work immediately — County (city) District Head” Talk on the Implementation of the new “has been broadcast, let’s listen to the county (city) district head” to the point “.This issue accepts the interview is Yiliang county deputy secretary, county magistrate Ou Mingfeng.Q&a: What role will Yiliang county play in building kunming into a high-quality regional international center city?A: hong-jian liu secretary of municipal party committee plenary meeting, issued a “grand pattern in the new era of reform and opening up, strive to create high quality development to start new performance”, the report from a strategic, global and condensed the whole city ideological consensus, it is advisable to good new urbanization construction demonstration area, pointed out the direction of the health industry development zone, boost the confidence.In the future, Yiliang will follow the overall development idea of “12321”, adhere to the guidance of high-quality planning, high-quality industry support, high-quality environment enabling, high-quality service guarantee, dare to work, work hard, good work, and spare no effort to build a new auxiliary city suitable for living and working.Specific actions, kunming will actively participate in various counties (city) area of the regional division of labor, play appropriate county’s comparative advantage, and find out appropriate county differential positioning, and set up into the consciousness of the urban economic development in yunnan, actively strive for kunming urban function and the transfer of industry of relief, active development in the service of urban industry and the forms of form a complete set of population,Promote the two-way flow of logistics and people to export high-quality products to the main city and attract the main city population to consume properly, so as to achieve the goal of integrating into the construction of regional international center city in the most full interconnection and mutual benefit.Q: In order to achieve the goal of “happiness, harmony, new Yiliang” with the people as the center, and constantly meet the people’s yearning for a better life, what will we do?A: “The four seas of prosperity and peace, live and work in peace” is the people for thousands of years of the same beautiful vision, so we will start from the work and livable two aspects, to meet the people’s yearning for a better life.In terms of Yiliang, in 2021, as the first of the three counties and districts in the province, we officially signed a contract with China Railway Investment Group in the ceremony of “Central Enterprises entering Yunnan”. Central enterprises such as China Railway Group (35th), China Resources Group (69th), and CoFCO (198th) successively signed contracts with Yiliang. This year, we will make efforts for a long time and make good achievements.Continue to strive to introduce some large enterprises that can increase people’s wealth, do some good projects that can increase government tax revenue, cultivate some large industries that can support yiliang’s future, so that the people have more real sense of gain.In terms of livable, in 2021, we won the first place in the province in the national civilized City nomination evaluation by vigorously focusing on the “four innovation” work.This year, we will continue to ask the people about their needs, their plans, their policies, and their effects. We will make good use of the visible hand of the government and the invisible hand of the live market, and join the industrious hands of the people. We will strive to be one of the “National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Counties” and “National Whole-region Tourism Demonstration Areas”, and strive to be one of the national civilized Cities in the annual evaluation.We will consolidate and improve the achievements made in establishing yunnan’s beautiful counties and national healthy counties, translate economic aggregate and fiscal growth into people’s quality of life, and use our “hard work index” to improve people’s “happiness index”.Q: In the next step, how will Yiliang county vigorously implement the “industry strong county” project, adhere to the “four” work around the industry, industry around the project, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the vigorous development of emerging industries, the future industrial layout?Answer: want to carry out “industry strong county” what is the essence that must clear industry above all?Where is the crux of industrial development in Yiliang county?My understanding of industry is: production, production, output, product, industry, performance, performance, benefit.If output and products are produced at high costs, at low prices and with low returns, there will be a bumper harvest. In the final analysis, it will hinder people’s incomes and local development.The focus and key of the word “industry” is in the “industry”. A good industry is not only rich people but also rich local finance. At present, we should have a good industrial development, with production, but low performance, low performance, and products, but the lack of tax sources and taxes is still prominent.Therefore, as the county magistrate of the new office, I will be the appropriate maximum digging and play good comparative advantage and the advantage of backwardness, identified in accordance with appropriate factor endowment, and can give attention to both “rich people” and “the strong” leading industry, actively guide the production elements of the configuration in accordance with the government resources to the industrial agglomeration, and high quality industrial cluster.In the process of clustering, by constantly optimizing the level, volume, structure, chain and aggregation degree of industrial development, the modern industrial system with strong production capacity, high product level, good enterprise benefit, excellent local performance and sufficient government tax revenue is constructed.Q: Considering the actual situation of the county (district), how to make new breakthroughs in high-quality development under the premise of pursuing progress while maintaining stability?A:Appropriate county is a traditional large agricultural county, the slower process of industrialization, the development is relatively lagging, also because of this, objectively lead to we didn’t go to spell, spell environment resources, the most precious superior ecological environment protection, which is what we will ecological advantage into economic advantage, realize the overtaking “corner” of the capital, with the capital,We will seek new breakthroughs in high-quality development from three aspects. First, we will make new breakthroughs in the development of the major health industry.In the evaluation of natural oxygen bar in 2021, Yiliang ranks the second in the province, with 37 centenarians and 109 years old as the oldest person. The population over 80 years old accounts for the proportion of the county’s permanent population, ranking the second in the city, and the indicators are better than the international “Hometown of longevity” identification standards.Appropriate what is worthy of the name “should be kept, add in conscience, prolong life”, we will use this plan “natural oxygen bar” kang industry chain, build a big health industry system, focus on good service with a total investment of about $20 billion of China railway (kunming) appropriate of cannes international project, to make kang industry cluster, construction of “international kang destination, health new landmark of yunnan” laid a solid foundation.Second, there are new breakthroughs in clean energy.Under the background of carbon neutrality and carbon peak, we will ride the wind and follow the light, actively integrate into the overall situation of green energy development in Yunnan Province, actively seek the support of new energy projects from higher levels, deepen the cooperation with China Resources Group, expand the results of rooftop distributed photovoltaic development pilot in the whole county.It has promoted new energy construction projects such as “drug and optical complementary” photovoltaic power generation and medium wind power with a total investment of 1.58 billion yuan, and transformed abundant wind and light resources into clean energy and real wealth to help the development of county economy.Third, new breakthroughs were made in promoting rural revitalization through the integration of the tertiary industry.In accordance with the principle of “one agriculture after another”, we will promote agriculture through industry, support agriculture through trade, and support agriculture through tourism to promote rural revitalization.This year, we will start construction of coFCO oil yiliang feed protein processing project with a total investment of about 4 billion yuan. Combined with yiliang County has built the largest feed park in southwest China, we will greatly extend and expand the industrial chain and value chain of our county’s agricultural industry, and realize the multiplier effect of industrial growth.This year, we will continue to optimize and improve the quality of rural tourism in Donglinyuan, Alulong, Sakura Valley behind the mountain, hewan Colorful rice and other areas, and create the Nanpanjiang Flower Sea landscape belt, so that the new business mode of fast travel and slow travel, which integrates urban and rural areas and combines agriculture and tourism, will become a common trend in Yiliang, and make Yiliang truly become the back garden of the main city of Kunming.Palm spring city kunming newspaper media group Appropriate good county financial media center joint report video clip: JinYu beautiful editor: Yi Na coordinating editor: BiQun editor: ShaLanMei final: Qian Hongbing Zhou Jianjun project reports to view more left left left the author/source: palm spring city statement: copyright shall belong to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.