The meaning of qingming festival service

2022-06-16 0 By

Tomb-sweeping Day is coming. Tomb-sweeping day is the best time to go to the mausoleum to pay respects. In recent years, a service has been developed about tomb-sweeping: valet tomb-sweeping.Today, good son and everyone to say, the meaning of valet worship.In 2020, the epidemic is wanton, during the Qingming Festival, due to the first worship, it was derived from the generation of worship and cloud worship.Compared with cloud mourning, acting mourning is undoubtedly more humanized and more recognized by people.It has the following two meanings: 1. Reduce the gathering of people. At present, gathering of people is taboo.During the Qingming Festival, the number of people who go to the cemetery can be said to be tens of thousands.Substituting for sacrificial rites can effectively reduce the gathering of people.2. Customers who are inconvenient to go to the cemetery For those who are not convenient and live in a foreign land, acting as a worshipping agent can fulfill their wishes of going to the cemetery for worshipping.How to choose the sacrificial rites?Generally speaking, acting funeral rites are divided into acting funeral rites in the cemetery side and acting funeral rites.The memorial service is only for this cemetery. In many cemeteries, not all cemeteries have the memorial service, and the ceremony is unified.Funeral institutions, on the other hand, can go to each legal cemetery in Beijing, and the sacrificial offerings and procedures can be customized.