10 must-read Books for the Spring Festival holiday, with the last one the best

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Commend new book 1 “platform thinking business partner system to build solid exercise,” the author: yellow hair, Feng Wanshan in today’s age of information and the Internet economy has transfer to the barriers, center, free flow and other characteristics, knowledge and technology as the core productivity, employees have more game space, and therefore employment relationship into a business partnership.This book explores the subject of business partnership in the context of knowledge and the Internet era, revealing that the establishment of business partnership mechanism is not just equity incentive, but to reconstruct the entire enterprise management ecology.This book introduces the living conditions of enterprises under the new normal, what is the partnership system, how to make the partnership not “match”, the key links of the partnership mechanism, and the analysis of project partners, senior management partners, store partners, distributors partners, external partners and other cases.2 “minimalist management” author: Wang Hao/Yin Yu poem for thousands of years, management experts, economists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, statesman and philosopher, thinker and writer in the practice of the research, summarizes the law of countless, theorem, effect, principle, phenomenon, proverbs, fables, idioms, story…From the perspective of enterprise management, the author extends these wisdom and deducts it into the corresponding “management law”.This book selects more than 100 “management laws”, and according to the practical problems and specific situations in modern enterprise management, 88 of them are newly interpreted, which are classified into eight chapters: development strategy, organizational strategy, investment and marketing, human resources, information communication, risk control, decision-making and judgment, and self-management.3 “The power of organization” author: Zhang Lijun business management must-read!How to build a lasting business?How to avoid the “four major faults” in management?A new book by a renowned organization innovation expert reveals the secrets of healthy growth and provides a system for companies to conquer the world.The viewpoints, methods, tools and cases described in this book are all from real enterprise management scenarios, which are suitable for managers at all levels of enterprises to enhance management awareness and improve management efficiency.If you are curious about the nature of management and eager to learn more about the practice of management, you will find the answer in this book.The “underlying logic” comes from the sameness in difference, the invariance behind change.Only by mastering the underlying logic, only by exploring the constant in all changes, can we see the essence of things dynamically and continuously.In this book, Liu Run, a famous Business consultant in China, summed up the basic logic he talked about in 5 Minutes Business School. He shared with you the basic logic of right and wrong, thinking about problems, individual evolution, understanding others and social cooperation, and led you to see the bottom of the world.”Underlying logic” is not limited to the business world.I hope that after seeing the ever-changing world, you can still be calm and not anxious, and continue to create new methodologies through “underlying logic + environmental variables”, so that you can always enjoy your work and life like a fish in water.The Essence by Masashima: 40 Years of Business Wisdom condensed in a book!The most important thing that entrepreneurs and successful people in any field have in common is the ability to get to the bottom of it and harness it.To commemorate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, Zhenghe Island selected the articles of 40 masters of entrepreneurs and scholars, including Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Chu Shijian, Wang Shi, Liu Chuanzhi, Zhang Ruimin, Lei Jun, Wang Xing, Zhou Qiren, Chen Chunhua, etc., to see how they explored the essence.Read the book essence, we can understand how these masters are successful, how to think.In this way, not only can we find countless roads to Rome, but we may also find the one nearest to us.The book is divided into five parts: right mind, controlling power, understanding, excellent art, and harmony.To help you explore the essence of Chinese business, grasp the heart of the next forty years!The Functional Society: Essays from Drucker. By Peter.How did Drucker’s new society come into being?When did the company become the main actor in economic activity?Why is management one of the functions of the new society?How does knowledge economy and society evolve and come, what are the characteristics of such society?What is the essential difference between knowledge workers and manual laborers of the past?This collection of essays, selected and edited by Peter Drucker himself, is a comprehensive reflection of 65 years of drucker’s research and thinking in the field of community and society, and opens the door to drucker’s thoughts for readers.Every field calls for exceptional leadership to cope with the complexity of everyday human experience, yet leaders are not simply ready-made and need to be developed and developed with all possibilities.The Evolution of Consciousness in Leadership is a popular theory and practice manual in the corporate world.Jennifer Garvey Berg is a corporate consultant and CEO coach for fortune 500 companies.She in contemporary change masters, Robert kagan, a psychologist at Harvard University adult development theory, on the basis of auxiliary enterprise case, parsing the individual mental constructs hierarchy, help readers will work as a consciousness of “evolution” field, converted to more thinking and competence of the individual, in the face of the complexity and uncertainty.This book provides an important blueprint for adult consciousness development for corporate human resources workers, corporate coaches and trainers. It is suitable for every individual who wants to develop high-level mental structure in daily life and workplace.With the end of the first half of the Internet and the beginning of the second half of the Internet, the advantages of the pioneer enterprises that rely on the dividends of the Internet are no longer difficult to surpass.The development of enterprises is facing an important opportunity of transformation, who can seize the opportunity, who can get the opportunity to attack the world’s top 500 enterprises.What is the underlying logic of enterprise operation in the new era?What is the new model of corporate growth?These problems, for the operators of enterprises is not a simple subject.This book puts forward a new methodology of double round of growth, which plans the future development of enterprises in two dimensions, one is redefinition, the other is boundary-breaking growth.And through today’s headlines, trill, innovative companies such as spelling, box Ma Xian a lot of cases, the system introduces the enterprise how to implement the red sea to break through technology can assign, using rules will create new business model innovation, optimizing industrial chain and value chain, in the form of ecological reconstruction and how data driven, awakening and entrepreneurial force to achieve growth.This book hopes to provide guidance and reference for business operators, managers and entrepreneurs preparing to set up enterprises.This is your practical guide to achieving an efficient life quickly.This book will tell you in simple terms, to find the focus of life, the use of different leverage tools, to achieve an efficient life.Understand the key of things, grasp the key choice;Absorb key knowledge and transform key skills;Understand the market trend, seize the trend;See through the logic of wealth, quickly realize the value of wealth……Through this book, quickly reach the goal of life.The Great Entrepreneur: The Biography of Ray Kroc, The Father of McDonald’s.How did McDonald’s go from a street stall to a fortune 500 restaurant company?McDonald’s has more than 37,000 stores in 123 countries. According to the famous British company Brand Z, McDonald’s Brand value is 126 billion DOLLARS, ranking 8th among all brands in the world.Some joke that one out of every eight people in the United States used to or currently works at McDonald’s.Recently, I reread the biography of the founder of McDonald’s, The Great Entrepreneur: The Biography of Ray Kroc, the Father of McDonald’s, and I had a deeper thought. Kroc’s memoir, written by himself, was re-released by China Economic Press in April 2019.The book is not only a record of Kroc’s grueling entrepreneurial experience, but also full of McDonald’s 60 years of wisdom and the author’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit.The business legend of the father of McDonald’s is a must-read for restaurateurs and has inspired generations of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.McDonald’s precise system management is known as the world’s most excellent operation control system. The business model represented by McDonald’s opened the operation process and franchise mode of the catering industry in the industrial era, so it is called the “Ford production line of the service industry”.Fast food business must read!Hamburg University of the United States auxiliary textbook!To understand the essence of McDonald’s, you only need to read this one book.The father of McDonald’s tells you how he started his business and gives you a true understanding of the man behind this business legend.If you need the above books, you can contact private xiaobian to help buy!Let’s hope for the New Year. Read a better book and meet a better self. Did you read any book?Welcome to comment in the comments section!The sixth day of the year to send poor ghost: business is thriving, money is widely into the year of the tiger