The martyr’s 106-year-old mother kissed her son’s gravestone, and the veterans came to visit her

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The sound of rain at Tomb-sweeping Day.The tide rolled over the sand.Turn by pear cold look, life bitter love tianya.Yan Curtain warbler door, cloud window fog pavilion, wine wake crow crow.Fold a willow, return inserted to who.Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival to pay respects to ancestors. Every year on this day, people across the country pay respects to their ancestors and relatives in their own ways.Malipo Martyrs Cemetery as one of the final resting places of the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the counterattack against Vietnam, there are a total of 960 martyrs buried here, among whom the youngest is only 16 years old, the oldest is only 35 years old, some of them soldiers enlisted only three months, died.In 2021, tomb-sweeping Day, Malipo Martyrs cemetery ushered in a 106-year-old old man, under the support of relatives, the old man came to martyr Li Jiyou’s tombstone, although the old man has been 106 years old, but this time from the last to visit his son has been 13 years.To this moment, the old man has been looking forward to 13 years, maybe this time is the last time, when the old man saw tombstone photograph of her son, the old man is no longer difficult to restrain himself thinking of her son, instantly fall in son’s grave, crying aloud, the old man cry, can’t stop kissing her son’s grave, his mouth constantly chanting:”Mother came to see you, and then let mother have a good look at you.”Standing next to her daughter kept comforting the old man and persuading her not to be so sad, but the old man still tightly held his son’s tombstone, face tightly pressed against the tombstone, the old mother seemed to be stuck together with her son forever.Because this day is tomb-sweeping Day, malipo Martyrs cemetery came to pay tribute to the martyrs of many relatives, the old man emotional kiss son gravestone touched all the people present, this scene was taken by the volunteers of the peer, touched countless Chinese, netizens have left a message: “this kiss, tears”.The man who kissed his son’s tombstone was Named Li Donglian.Li Donglian was born in Alitang Village, Niulanjiang Town, Songming County, Yunnan Province in 1915. At that time, China was in a period of war. He witnessed the changes of China from childhood.When she grew up, Li Donglian became the leader of the women’s team of the production team. Up to now, the old woman often said, “If there is no country, there is no home”. She never regretted sending her son to be a soldier and his son sacrificed for the country, she felt proud of her son.Keep son to keep to the son Li Donglian son named Li Jiayou between staying frontiers, is the only son in the home, in June 1955, li Li Jiayou was born in kunming, yunnan, “handsome” Li Jiayou alive, childhood Li Jiayou work not only is very strong, and the brain is very flexible, often as a child with a bamboo basket down, dig clay melons come back to eat, take quinoa artemisia pointed to sell,The money was used to take care of his younger sisters. Besides, Li often led them to collect dung and do various chores in the fields.Li Donglian had four children, of whom Li Jiayou was the second. Although as the only son in the family, Li Donglian educated his son from an early age, and when he grew up, he became a soldier guarding the land and serving the motherland.After graduating from junior high school, Li Jiayou kiln burn for three years in production team, finally ushered in the opportunity of a soldier, then add some brother-in-law the brigade in charge of the recruiting work, li for years Li Donglian have hope son grew up can do a between staying frontier soldiers, in the mother’s encouragement, Li Jiayou sign up to join the army, soon passed a medical.In March 1976, Li Jiayou left his hometown with his comrades and set foot on the journey to defend southern Xinjiang. In the new Army Company, Li Jiayou trained hard and often helped other comrades.XinBingLian after the training, Li Jiayou assigned to dehong ruili BianFangTuan, become a frontier guards, due to the conditions at the time, li added in BianFangTuan life very difficult, the soldiers accommodation is very humble, see his comrade-in-arms living difficulties, Li Jiayou before enlistment dry kiln, and actively apply for to comrades kiln, due to less often,Li Jiayou waist unfortunately injured in hospital, see his comrades living to a great improvement, Li Jiayou feel that everything is worth it.After joining the army, Li Jiayou always stick to his post, in the third year of joining the army, Li Jiayou was promoted to deputy monitor after the expiration of the service, according to the regulations, Li Jiayou can be discharged home, but as a combat backbone, in the retention of the troops, Li Jiayou volunteered to stay to continue to serve.Serving in the army for 5 years, Li Jiyou only went home once, this time home, the family for him to introduce a marriage, Li Jiyou is very satisfied with the woman, after a few days to get along, they settled the marriage, after returning to the army.Guarding the border, the heroic sacrifice of the Vietnam counterattack began, Li Jiayu’s troops transferred to Malipo, ready to participate in the war at any time.Li Jiayou seat row first day arrived wenshan-malipo strike-slip, bamboo dam outposts and play the game of encounter enemy, on this night, Li Jiayou and comrades are cooking, suddenly a few born shot through the quiet night sky, because the soldiers to fight for the first time, a lot of new recruits soldiers got scared, Li Jiayou and monitor appeasing the soldiers, calm the command of the battle of the cold war,Under the joint counterattack of the soldiers, the enemy’s attack was soon beaten back.After this battle, Li Jiayou and the soldiers felt death for the first time. In the days of defending the frontier, in order to guard against the enemy’s cold guns and artillery, Li Jiayou’s troops began to dig the cat’s ear hole. The process of digging the cat’s ear hole was very hard, but as the lifeline of himself and his comrades, the soldiers dug day and night.The cat’s ear hole dug, Li Jiyou and his comrades three people divided into a group, have to live in the cat’s ear hole;The life in Cat’s Ear cave is very hard. Because of the limited volume of cat’s ear cave and the need to defend the enemy’s surprise attack at any time, the soldiers are still fully armed after living in cat’s ear cave, guns and clothes are not disintegrated, and they are ready to fight at any time.During the period when they were stationed in maoear Cave, soldiers usually ate compressed biscuits and drank dirty water from the pit. As for washing their faces and brushing their teeth, they could only wipe with water. As for bathing and changing clothes, soldiers could only take a bath and wash clothes when they were removed from their positions in rotation.When stationed in positions, Li Jiayou’s troops often encounter the enemy’s surprise attack, and the enemy battle, according to monitor Zhang Faxiang later recalled, there was a period of time, the enemy always use the night to attack square cold artillery, constantly harried our army, in order to prevent the enemy’s surprise attack at night, night soldiers only take turns to garrison trenches.In order to fight the enemy’s arrogance, Li Jiayou and monitor Zhang Faxiang decided to give the enemy a blow, that night, Li Jiayou and monitor Zhang Faxiang advance detection of a good route, with a little bamboo cleaning minefield, led the soldiers directly against the enemy resident, wipe out the enemy.In 1980, monitor Zhang Faxiang retired from the army because of leg disease to come home, Zhang Faxiang retired from the army before long received the news of Li Jiayou sacrifice.After The death of Lee, his family was unable to bear the news of his son s death. It was not until the army sent lee s belongings and letters that Lee Dong-yeon learned of his son s death.After The death of Li Jiayu, facing his son’s relics, Li Donglian often recalls memories, often in tears, in order to avoid his mother too sad, the family later hid Li Jiayu’s relics.Even so, Li donglian could not resist missing her son. When no one was around, Li Donglian often sat alone in front of her old house and cried. When neighbors saw her, they were sad and knew that she missed her son so much.Later, go to the wenshan-malipo strike-slip martyrs cemetery to visit her son Li Donglian missing son’s wishes, due to traffic inconvenience, 2000, 85 – year – old Li Donglian to wenshan-malipo strike-slip see his son for the first time, 2008, 93 – year – old Li Donglian to wenshan-malipo strike-slip see her son again, in 2021, has a 106 – year – old Li Donglian third to wenshan-malipo strike-slip see son,Maybe Li Donglian knew that this was the last time to visit his son. When he saw his son’s tombstone, the old man held the tombstone and kissed his son tightly.The 106-year-old Li Donglian’s kiss on his son’s tombstone quickly spread all over the Internet, and also spread to the veteran group who fought side by side with Li Jiyou. Rong Zixin, a veteran, cried bitterly after watching the video of the old man kissing his son’s tombstone. He recalled everything he had fought in those years, just like yesterday.Rong Zixin and his comrades brought fruit, grain and oil and other items to Li Jiyou’s home to visit the “old mother”.When seeing Li Donglian, Rong Zixin and his party first solemnly salute the old man to express their respect for the “old mother”!Finally, I wish the old mother longevity and health!