“Brain spoon high, smart package”, the child is not smart to see the head type can know?Don’t be fooled

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If the back of a child’s head is higher, the child is more likely to have a larger brain, and a larger brain naturally leads to a smarter child.In fact, the size of a child’s head has nothing to do with whether a child is smart or not. As we have seen in our lives, smart children do not necessarily grow up to be particularly big, and those with round and prominent backs are not particularly smart either.Because the size and shape of the back of the head is not only related to brain volume, the shape of the back of a child’s head is also determined by the sleeping habits and genetics of the child.Since the influence of the child’s head type to intelligence has been refuted, is that the child’s head type how to do not have what effect to the child?In fact, the head may not affect the child’s intelligence, but will certainly affect the following aspects.A very affect a child’s appearance, the shape of the head type level before the old man likes to give their children sleeping flat head, because that children look from the front face will be bigger and more rounded, shewing face person particularly blessed, but with the change of aesthetic and the development of The Times, in afterbrain aesthetic there has been a qualitative change, because now we pursue the whole face of the three-dimensional degree is higher,So most young people on the back of the head shape requirements are more full and three-dimensional.Times and aesthetic changes make the past flat head is no longer popular, and the future aesthetic orientation is actually no one can grasp, so parents must not listen to what others say, the most important method is based on science, the pursuit of health.Second, the shape of the back of the head indirectly affects the mental health of children. In addition to directly affecting the appearance level and temperament of the whole person, the change and influence of the appearance level will also exert an imperceptible effect on children’s inner feelings and character building.Because the level of appearance will make a person become less confident, if a lot of people in daily life point at your head shape, or even if they go a bit too far, some people will point fingers at your appearance, then under the influence of such long-term comments, children naturally become very sensitive and inferiority complex;On the contrary, if you are praised for your superior head, your child will become more and more confident with such encouragement and praise.Three, the shape of the back of the head may affect the healthy development of children parents do not simply think that the shape of the back of the head will only play a role in the child’s appearance level, in fact, if the child’s head out of the problem, the parents should worry most is not beautiful but the child’s health problems.Because too malformed head model, can let the child certain habits produce change subsequently, when the child is sleeping for instance, because of comfortable reason, always like to sleep toward fixed direction.So over time in the long term, under the effect of the child’s habit of physiological changes will also change with time, such as child facial features occur in the direction of the fixed skew, or the entire head happen unconsciously skewed, and so on, the extreme phenomenon also can let the child’s life indelible profound impact.Whether it is the back of the child’s head or other body parts, parents must not go astray, blindly pursue aesthetic beauty, but more to pay attention to the child’s health and development, after all, the beauty of health is all the deformity of beauty can not be replaced.Disclaimer: All the photos are from Instagram and the blogger @darling.children. If you have your own unique insight into parenting, or if you have a problem that makes you feel confused, please join us