The rockets’ new star in the backcourt has been identified and positioned, and the two figures have been improved significantly

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Despite the rockets’ poor record this season, they have not been short of upsets, as they once again beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have had a good season.And young Kevin – porter in the face of the old owner, is not soft, a good one out.Kevin Porter jr. ‘s ratings have plummeted as he struggled to adapt to the team’s transition this season and clashed with assistant coach Lucas Sr.But in the past this period of time, little Kevin porter’s progress and growth, can be said to be there for all to see.With at least 15 points and seven assists in each of the past seven games, porter Jr. has become more consistent on the court, both offensively and as a team.Since entering the league, Kevin Porter Jr. has been playing the role of perimeter attacker for a long time. This season, with Wall out of the game, the Rockets lack a true court commander, so it was a challenge for him to change Kevin Porter Jr. to point guard.But Kevin Porter Jr. has struggled, but his performance has gradually improved, earning more fans’ trust and goodwill.Porter’s flip side is that So far this season, Kevin Porter Jr. ‘s catch and field goal percentage is 43.8 percent, second only to veteran DJ Augustine on the Rockets.Kevin Porter Jr. is no. 20 in the league.The 21-year-old backcourt star is making adjustments and changes to become a stronger, more versatile player.So far this season, Porter is averaging 13.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.2 steals per game, and shooting 36 percent from three.Augustine and veteran DJ- Augustine although this season less time, but as long as the debut, DJ- Augustine’s performance is quite worthy of affirmation.DJ Augustin is averaging 5.4 points and 2.2 assists per game if you look at the regular stats, but he’s shooting over 400 from the field and over 400 from 3-point range.The rockets were in the rebuilding phase, so they didn’t need Agustin a lot.Augustin would be of interest to teams that are looking to make a run at the playoffs and need some depth in the backcourt.