Du Zhili: Accompanied Yang Zhenning for 53 years, until he handed over to his second “self” who was 49 years old.

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Du Zhili: Gave Yang Zhenning 53 years of company, until the age gap of 49 years of the second “myself” mentioned professor Yang Zhenning’s name, I believe everyone is familiar, he is known as the greatest physicist alive today.Some people say that he has a lofty master style, a true master, master of master.Some people say that he is a banner of our scientific workers and a leading figure.About physics, about academic, we have talked too much about Yang Zhenning.Similarly in love, his life experience is also very legendary.In 1949, Yang zhenning and Du Zhili fell in love with each other at a restaurant.But what make everybody did not think of is, affairs of the world is impermanent, after two people concomitant for many years, Du Zhili left the world first however.She accompanied Professor Yang Zhenning for 53 years, failed to accompany you to grow old together, I think she has a lot of heart.But lucky is, when she goes to the end of life, the woman with her appearance is quite similar, walked into Yang Zhenning’s vision however, took over her to guard her lover.Du Zhili in academic, Yang Zhenning is always so serious, calm, calm, but when he met Du Zhili, but changed the calm, become shy.As the daughter of Yiu-ming to, To Chi-lai is also not very impressive.Du Zhili is not only extremely self-disciplined and well-read, but also has extraordinary conversational ability.Under the guidance of her father, she was full of poetry and books since childhood, good at music, is a very talented outstanding woman.With her exceptional family background and good looks, she soon became one of Shanghai’s top socialites.However, unlike other ladies who concentrate on social life, she is a real academic talent.She is not only proficient in piano, chess, painting and calligraphy, but also has quite high attainments in literature and music.Not only had she attracted the attention of many young men, but Chiang Kai-shek and his wife had admired her.She lived up to expectations and was admitted to a prestigious university, where she met Yang Zhenning.At that time, Yang Zhenning was already well known in academic circles. In order to further his studies in the United States and learn more sophisticated academic knowledge, he took the initiative to work as a substitute teacher in Southwest Associated University.He decided to do so partly because he thought he could practice his expression skills here.On the other hand, he can also take advantage of this opportunity to earn a little tuition, to reduce the burden of the family.Such a handsome face, extraordinary teacher, as soon as he entered the school, he became the man of the hour.Du zhili and Yang Zhenning met in class.As He was preoccupied with academics at the time, Yang had no time to think about love when he was going to study in the United States a year later.As for Du Zhili, she was still young and had not finished her studies, so she did not consider this aspect and they had no further development.At that time, Du zhili only thought Yang Zhenning was a good teacher with a great sense of humor, and she was always respectful to Yang Zhenning.The relationship lasted less than a year before Mr. Yang moved to the United States to study.Originally they thought that they would not have any intersection with each other from then on, until 1949, because of an unexpected opportunity, they met again.A few years after Yang went to the United States, Du followed him to study literature.When she was having dinner in a restaurant, she happened to meet the teacher, whom she had not seen for years. As soon as she saw Yang Zhenning, she immediately went up to him and exchanged some pleasantry.In fact, du Zhili was in a very bad mood that day, because not long ago, his father Du Yuming was captured on the battlefield, but after seeing Yang Zhenning, her bad mood was swept away.After the meal, Yang showed himself a gentleman and drove Du all the way back to school.After this encounter, the contact of the two people in a foreign land also slowly more up, a date let them gradually wipe out the spark of love.Before long, Du zhili was attracted by the hardworking, hardworking, honest and honest teacher, and Yang zhenning fell in love with Du zhili.In the eyes of his tutor, Yang zhenning had always been a modest academic student, but his life changed dramatically when he met Du Zhili.He even made a decision that shocked everyone.Yang originally planned to return to the University of Chicago for academic research, but after understanding his own mind, he willfully rejected the olive branch thrown by the University of Chicago, chose to stay in Princeton.He had already promised his mentor to go to Chicago, and, as was his wont, he would not stand him up.However, due to the distance from Princeton University where Du studied at that time, he finally chose love.After staying, he would often go to Du Zhili’s school in his spare time to chat and eat with her.Although they study different fields, but Yang Zhenning is very interested in du Zhili’s literature knowledge, he always pestered her to give his class interesting.In the face of academic, Yang Zhenning is always so eloquent, but in the face of Du Zhili, he became shy and cautious.Only after spending some time with Du did he express his feelings.Du zhili was delighted to hear Yang Zhenning’s confession. “Your heart is like my heart,” he said.Looking at Yang Zhenning sincere eyes, Du Zhili then agreed to his courtship.Although Yang is busy every day, when facing Du Zhili, he is not ambiguous at all.Not only does he often write obscene love letters to Du Zhili, but he also acts like a reckless big boy and creates a lot of romance for his girlfriend.The two have been very sweet ever since they confirmed their relationship, and just a year later, Yang proposed to Du.In this way, the two tied the knot and entered the hall of marriage together.Two people married the news once spread, it caused a great uproar, so the combination of beauty is true to envy the evil spirit of others.After marriage life is more sweet after marriage, two people still did not forget the original aspiration, still hard work in academia.Shortly after their marriage, Du gave birth to two children, one named Guangnuo and the other Guangyu.Yang’s family chose the name to wish Yang zhenning an early academic breakthrough.Yang named his third child Yu You Li, which means another Du Zhi Li.Yang believes that Du represents all his expectations for beauty, and he expects his daughter to be as talented, intelligent and gentle as she is in the future.Their married life was very happy, Yang Zhenning is a focus on logic, pay attention to the rational physicist.Du Zhili was a woman who studied literature, sculpture and music.The combination of the two makes science and art in this vibrant family, to achieve a high degree of harmony and unity.In the interview, Du Zhili also said that if she was a physicist, it would be very boring to talk about physics with her husband at work and after work. She was very satisfied with their relationship.Because du is a romantic and loves literature, she was able to bring so many different colors to Yang’s life.They married just a few years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, when everything in the country was in shambles.In order to research nuclear weapons and break technological barriers, Yang zhenning often fought in the front line, leaving little time for family chores.After marriage, Yang Zhenning and his wife’s life was also very hard, while her husband fought, Du Zhili also paid silently behind him.In order not to interfere with her husband’s work, she often has to drive her children to and from school, although she is extremely hard on weekdays, but she never complained.Finally, his efforts paid off. Yang Zhenning lived up to everyone’s expectations, won the Nobel Prize and made a major breakthrough in his academic career.When they talked about it later, they said it was thanks to Guangnuo.In this way, Du zhili stayed with Yang zhenning for 53 years, which left a deep imprint on both of them.Over the years, she accompanied her husband through hardships and challenges. She was the most intimate interpreter beside Yang Zhenning.Yang is well aware that his glory depends on his wife’s support, so she always takes her with her when attending important occasions.Seeing her husband standing on the podium, Du zhili was very excited.In October 2003, Du Zhili died of illness forever.To meet a woman to find happiness, and he can leave so many good memories, I believe that Du Zhili at the time of leaving, has no much regret.The old man is gone, but for the one left behind, the road ahead is long.The death of his wife was indeed a great blow to him. People around him said that when Du zhili died, Yang zhenning felt as if he had lost his soul. He would often sit there and do nothing for a whole day.But what everyone did not expect was that shortly after, Yang zhenning and his second wife Weng Fan entered the palace of marriage.When Yang zhenning and Weng Fan first announced their relationship, it quickly caused a stir on the Internet.On the one hand, Professor Yang Zhenning’s popularity is really too high, people have been paying a lot of attention to him, he suddenly announced to marry a woman several decades younger than himself, for many people, it is unacceptable.On the other hand, Yang Zhenning and Du Zhili have been known as the academic couple, so we marry him again is also very unexpected.But after a few careful net friends see weng fan’s photo, discover her appearance accidentally however and the Du Zhili of young time have very big similarity unexpectedly place.So many people have speculated that Yang zhenning insisted on this woman, more than 50 years his junior, because of his ex-wife.But rather than Yang Zhenning found the shadow of his former partner in Wengfan, it is because of the wengfan let Yang Zhenning found himself again.Wengfan led Yang Zhenning from the grief of losing his wife, to find their own, to find the hope of life.Perhaps Weng Fan is to replace Du Zhili, to accompany him through the rest of his life.So far, the marriage of Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan has been much criticized, and du Zhili and Weng Fan, both Yang’s wife, are often compared.However in addition to the appearance and Du Zhi li have a few points of similarity, Weng fan and her life experience is a day different.But Du Zhili was alive and Weng fan had intersection, three people had seen on the physical congress.As a representative of the university weng fan, the same day and their couple two people talked a few words.After the meeting, three people also basically nothing to contact, did not lead long Weng fan also had his family, married a small staff member of a company, but later 2 people but because of a variety of reasons divorced.After Du died in 2003, they both returned to being single.Du’s death was a huge shock to Yang, and it wasn’t until 2004, when he met Weng Fan again at Central University, that he rekindled his expectations for love.Although they differed greatly in age, social status and knowledge, it did not affect their love for each other.This meeting two people chat very happy, after going back Yang Zhenning also often think of Weng fan, after a contact, he soon realized that he moved to her.It was not easy for Yang zhenning to meet another girl at his age.So he is also in the first time to Weng fan say their own mind, so two people talked about love.Yang zhenning called Weng Fan a gift from God. He said weng fan’s appearance changed his life and filled his emotional gap. He is very grateful to her.Weng Fan is also very fond of Yang Zhenning, two people’s love just made public, a lot of people are not optimistic about them.But love is like people drinking water, lengnuanzizhi matter, outside criticism is not important to them.After Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan got married, Weng Fan also assumed the responsibility of a wife. Although she was not a scholar like Professor Yang Zhenning, she loved learning very much.After they got married, she also got a doctor’s degree from Tsinghua University with her own efforts.In order to take care of Yang zhenning, she even took the initiative to change her work schedule. She went to bed early and got up early every day to adapt to her husband’s daily life and his diet.After weng fan’s father heard about her and Professor Yang zhenning, he did not obstruct their marriage.Not only that, he has been persuading his daughter to ignore the outside world’s eyes, take good care of Professor Yang’s body.After marriage, the relationship between the two families was also very harmonious. On weekdays, professor Yang would go to Weng Fan’s home to visit his family.Of course, it is not difficult to understand why people criticize them so much. On the one hand, it is because the age gap between them is indeed a little big.On the other hand, people felt that Professor Yang’s remarriage somewhat affected the sanctity of his love with Du Zhili.Since ancient times, Chinese people have always been willing to win one’s heart.But when the Yin and Yang are separated, Professor Yang certainly has the right to find a new love.What’s more, Yang Zhenning chose Wengfan, perhaps also related to Du Zhili.After all these two women not only appearance height is similar, more coincidental is, Du Zhili is to accompany Yang Zhenning 53 years later left, and Yang Zhenning is in the two people are in love with 54 years, fell in love with weng fan 54 years younger than him.This one piece of coincidence, let a person can not help but sigh, Wengfan seems to be the second Du Zhili.Du zhili’s death not only brought a blow to Yang Zhenning, but also brought a huge blow to the family. Perhaps all this is just like everyone said, Wengfan is the best gift to Yang Zhenning and the family.If human beings have souls, du Zhiliquan would have been pleased to know that.