Sun Haiyang family of five back to Wuhan for the New Year, grandma super warm heart, after 14 years of reunion is too touching

2022-06-24 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, many people go home by train.Sun Haiyang’s family, who had attracted much attention before, also returned to Hubei on the morning of 25th.Grandma cleaned the house early. Sun Zhuo, Sun Yue and Sun Hui all prepared slippers, towels and some food.The family reunion 14 years later was so emotional that many netizens cried.As soon as Sun Zhuo came back, Sun Haiyang sent him back to Hubei province. The first thing he did was to visit his grandparents and let them meet. They even took a picture of the whole family, but unfortunately, Sun Hui and Sun Yue did not come.A family of five, set out yesterday, many media took photos, the family reunion scene to take down.Before leaving, Sun Haiyang told Sun Hui that when he came back, he brought a lot of things, including some simple clothes, a scooter, a guitar and a piggy bank.Sun added that his return to the home of more than 20 brothers and sisters, it will be a lively.Before sun Zhuo was found, his family would prepare tableware for him, even if he was not there, they believed he would come back.Now, Sun Zhuo can finally go home and return the dishes he has kept in his home for 14 years.The grandparents were very happy when the family came back.Grandma had cleaned the house the week before and had bought them a new pair of slippers and bath towels by bus.Grandma was very careful and gave them slippers of different colors.Sun Zhuo is wearing a pair of blue rabbit ear slippers. Sun Hui is wearing a pair of gray slippers. Sun Yue is wearing a pair of colorful slippers.And she chose a color, so you could tell grandma was really happy to have them home.Before sun Zhuo was kidnapped, he was in the home of his grandparents. He had only been in Shenzhen for three months when he was kidnapped. His grandparents made great efforts to find Sun Zhuo.Grandpa put up posters outside until he was too old to move anymore.She went to chaoshan alone to look for Sun Zhuo for fear of family worries.Having no shelter, he spent the night on the streets.After 14 years of hard life, sun Zhuo finally came back, how excited they were.When the family returned home, the first thing they did was to take pictures of them, but the Don was too old to stay up late, so he went to bed before they got home.But when Sun Zhuo returned, they had plenty of time to take pictures of them.May their family always be happy.