Why do old drivers like to walk in the middle lane on the highway

2022-06-24 0 By

Why the old driver on the highway like to walk in the middle lane of the driver’s license friends know, in the examination of subjects three time, need constant lane change.After I got my driver’s license, I found that I didn’t have to change lanes so frequently. I could always drive in the lane with fewer cars.This is all about saving trouble, but older drivers do not do this, opting instead for the middle lane where lanes change frequently.There are reasons for doing so: 1. Easy to overtake When it comes to changing lanes, which lane is easy to overtake is nothing more than the middle lane.As long as the distance is right, a foot on the gas, a steering wheel to the left, and passing the car in front is as simple as that.Even if the left lane is not available, the right lane can be chosen with good skills.If you’re driving in the left lane, change lanes to the right.Even if the width of the lane is similar, the middle lane has more leeway than the two lanes, allowing you to go left and right.In case the front encountered a sudden brake or lane change jam, driving in the middle lane of the car can also be appropriate to both sides of the dodge, the choice of more space.In addition, when encountering passers-by crossing the road in Chinese style, driving in the middle lane can have more ample space to react and avoid.The middle lane, as the slow lane, is more likely to cause traffic jam. Once the traffic jam occurs, the old drivers will get used to changing lanes and blocking the left lane.So the left lane is more likely to encounter acceleration overtaking situations.The right lane, as a necessary lane for pulling over, is frequently frequented by buses and taxis and is stop-and-go.Especially in the right lane of rural road, but also take into account the non-motorized lane, there are more bicycles and motorcycles.On the highway, the right lane is almost exclusively for big trucks, and everyone knows the farther away from the truck the better, so try not to use the right lane.As a result, there are fewer screeching brakes and lane changes, and fewer accidents.It’s a lot easier to take the middle lane, especially on the freeway, and get off the freeway.Imagine driving in a passing lane on the left and finding that the freeway exit is late. Trying to slow down and change lanes is a very hurried and risky operation.The middle lane, on the other hand, takes less time to get off the highway, is easier to operate and can stop in the emergency lane more quickly in case of a breakdown.In addition, on expressways with more than three lanes, the left lane is the overtaking lane, and it is not desirable to occupy the overtaking lane for a long time. In addition to the increase of the coefficient of avoiding danger mentioned above, sometimes it will hinder people who need to overtake and further increase their own danger.Therefore, comprehensive consideration of all aspects, or suggest that we high-speed driving as far as possible to walk in the middle lane.